Wishpond Software

Wishpond Software is an online marketing platform providing easy and affordable lead management, email, and marketing automation facilities to small and medium-sized businesses. The software features tools for website and email subscriber base engagement. Wishpond helps users attract visitors by building and publishing appealing landing pages and converts them into leads creating segmented lists of subscribers based on interest, location, and activity around the web.

Featuring a drag-and-drop landing page editor, social contests, pop-ups, and forms, the software enables users to automatically score and segment leads into lists based on activity and personal details, send personalized emails based on behavior, and much more. A variety of third-party integrations covering software such as Salesforce, Highrise, Insightly, AWeber, Salesforce IQ, MailChimp, GetResponse, Base CRM, and many other apps are available.

The software’s powerful and reliable analytics help businesses understand potential customers and identify better leads and areas where more marketing effort is needed.

Wishpond Pricing

Wishpond Pricing is based on monthly subscription plans. Three pricing packages are offered, Basic ($45/month), Pro ($78/month), and Growth ($129/month). Pricing increases based on the number of leads stored inside a Wishpond account.


Seamless integration with a range of third-party tools for expansive marketing. Multiple language support including German, Spanish, and Dutch.


Support is provided via email, phone, and live support.

Product Advantages

Intuitive features. Prompt customer support. Ability to run contests and promotions on social media platforms.

Product Limitations

Can seem overpriced for growing businesses. Complicated to use at first, but that is true for any complex solution.

Wishpond Software Pricing

Small Organization

Within Budget

Medium Organization

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Large Organization

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Wishpond Software reviews

Overall Rating

6 Reviews


Money well spent!

October 2022

Doron P.

Marketing and advertising

They have aptly named it Wishpond, which reminds me of a fishpond where you can see a variety of different fish. Similarly, you can choose from a pool of templates to create the perfect landing page, campaign, and more. Having such excellent pre-built templates saves us a lot of time. They also have an excellent customer service team. Their response time is no less than two minutes, trust me. You can create a free account, which is great. Editing the templates can be a bit tricky, but it works fine without the need for editing.
I use multiple browsers for the sake of privacy and segregation. And I have noticed that in some instances, Wishpond seems to behave like it isnt made for a certain browser or lacks proper compatibility. even though they have mentioned nothing of the like on their website or during training sessions. I frequently run into issues, specifically when attempting to use Wishpond in Chrome, which forces me to either refresh the website or transfer to another browser. It would be a big help if the software could run smoothly across browsers without any problems.

Easy and awesome

September 2020

Tegan V

Marketing Manager

Everything is customizable which is very convenient for us.
The forms can use a little improvement.

No customer support

June 2020



It is great for creating campaigns.
If you have an issue you are on your own because they have really bad customer service.

It is a great option.

June 2020


Fascinations Hair

I liked that it was so easy to use even for a novice like me.
It only lets people enter videos through a youtube link which meant my contestants would have to make a youtube account in order to upload the video to youtube in the first place.

I like it.

April 2020


James R. Morrison Photography

It was easily embedded into our site which is already active.
I wish the file functions were better.


July 2019


Simon Video

It made work easier.
Sometimes it cannot handle a lot of data and will crash.

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Call us at

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