Cerner is the leading US supplier of health care information technology, offering a unified suite of digital solutions that streamline clinical and administrative workflows of large health organizations. It is one of the two most widely deployed hospital systems in the US, followed closely by Epic. 

PowerChart Ambulatory is Cerner’s EHR solution, ONC-ATCB, and Meaningful Use Stage 1 and 2 certified, which cater to the healthcare needs of clinicians working in large hospitals, ambulatory practices or primary care facilities. Cerner PowerChart’s clinical documentation tools set it apart from other competitors by providing benefits such as dynamic documentation, dragon voice recognition, document quality review, chart search, registry worklist, and natural language processing.

PowerChart Touch Ambulatory is the mobile EHR version that enables a seamless flow of information between the desktop and the smartphone/tablet.

The Practice Management software manages administrative operations such as registration, scheduling, patient tracking, patient accounting, and reporting. The EHR also easily integrates with the patient portal, HealtheLife, allowing patients to communicate with clinicians through secure messaging, change or book appointments, request refills, view/update clinical data, and send files.  

Price: Cerner pricing is available through a quote. You can request a quote for your practice by clicking the price button on this page.

Free trial: No

CEHRT: 2015

Cerner Pros: The vendor has partnered with CoverMyMeds to indicate drug prices within the EMR. Such access to valuable pricing information allows healthcare providers to provide their patients with up-to-date information on the most appropriate and cost-effective medications before they reach the pharmacy.

Cerner Cons: It is a thorough solution that results in a steep learning curve for new users. 

Technical Specifications: It is a web-based application. It also supports Android devices. 

Cerner EMR Software

Cerner EMR Software reviews

Overall Rating

58 Reviews


Clifford Olson

Fort Healthcare Patient

11-50 employees

July 2019

A journey to better health

“The IT support that Cerner health provides to Fort Healthcare, that suite of tools that they provide through their portal, it allows me to be a participant in my own journey towards being healthy.”



Sea Spine Orthopedic Institute

51-200 employees

September 2020

Could be better.

It has a patient monitor which lets you do inline sorting and also prioritize column placement.

They do not have any features which allow for custom reporting! Their canned reports are not adequate either.


Little Colorado Medical Center

201-500 employees

September 2020

Pretty solid software.

It remains the same across the board so it is easy for us to use both for ambulatory needs and hospital emergency ward as well.

It is very expensive and at times the billing feature does not work well!


Fort Wayne Orthopedics

201-500 employees

September 2019

Easy navigation

It is easy to use, and I got comfortable with it quite quickly. It is easy to navigate through. In terms of easy usage and reliability, it is more like EPIC. The system is organized and does not seem cluttered at all. It is very well put together.

I didn't really see anything negative about this product, but the price of it is not less at all.



10,000+ employees

August 2019


The system is pretty overpriced, when we're paying a lot for something to work, we expect it to be better than the low priced EMRs.

It has very limited options. It is clunky and hard to use.


Greenbay Correctional facility

11-50 employees

June 2019

The simplest, yet.

This product by far has to be the simplest. It is so easy and simple to use. It wouldn’t confuse much. It is a really great product and due to this system, my job has changed tremendously, and it has made my life a lot better now.

This system requires a lot of clicking, even when you need to do simple tasks. It generally will take 4 to 5 clicks to get somewhere or do something. You would click at one option, then you click another option, then another, then another, then charts, click on save, refresh and then you get it done. A lot, I know.


Encompass Health

1001-5000 employees

June 2019

Easily does everything

It is easy to use. Gets the job done for you. It has all the basic features needed. Easy navigation and not much confusion. They haven’t added extra useless functions in this system, which makes things more easy to use and search information that is needed at a certain time or is requested. You won’t get lost in this system.

There are a few features that if updated would be more appreciated like the charting feature. They could make the charting feature more user-friendly and to make it easy for us to share it with other health professionals.


Jackson Health System

5,001-10,000 employees

June 2019


It is a great EMR product as it offers all the functionalities that are generally needed by any practice. The system itself is quite intuitive. It wasn’t hard to learn the software, you can easily adapt to it. You can create your own templates with it, which is so amazing. Their own note templates are quite nice, and it is really nice that they provide it. They also have a medical reconciliation feature that is resourceful for new admissions.

It is good software, but I do wish that it has some other features as well that were more easy to use like patient assessment and the I’s and O’s.


Atrium Health (Formerly known as Carolinas Healthcare System)

10,000+ employees

May 2019

Well-planned but tiresome.

I am able to manage my time with this system, due to its feature of generating scores for particular diagnostics. It is easy to use, and I do like that this system does not restrict you to any number of tabs to be opened, you can open all that are needed at a certain time or during my shift. It doesn’t require you to type a lot, most of the things can be done with just a few clicks and is so easy and saves a lot of time.

There are days when you just don’t feel like using the system or doing any work or tasks by it and wish it never existed, but probably that’s just me. There are so many things that are repetitive in this system and they need to do something about it, it gets frustrating. And you can’t leave your desk without saving things as all your data gets lost if you leave it for a while, which is very annoying. The need to make a user-friendly save button.



10,000+ employees

May 2019

Easy coding

We were able to code patient charts with this product which helped us save a lot of our time of training on different patient charts. This is a great product for easy coding. I really like it. With this system it is easy to carry or get information of patients from different software. You can switch between patient types easily as well. It is a great product and will help people who want to code it.

The only flaw that I noticed about this product is that it sometimes experiences downtime, so you’re unable to work and get any of the tasks done.

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