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Phreesia software is a top-rated patient intake management solution designed to help healthcare businesses enhance clinical care and optimize their staffing. This SaaS platform offers a robust suite of features that includes appointment scheduling, medical billing, patient registration, and more. It allows healthcare providers to check benefit entitlements, communicate with patients, conduct insurance eligibility verification, and collect online payments.

The Phreesia healthcare IT application won 2021 best in KLAS solution for Patient Intake Management. It gives practices access to a wide variety of solutions to streamline the patient intake process. Medical professionals can also manage and organize health campaigns to boost patient engagement. The software allows patients to participate actively throughout their care process – from intake to billing to post-visit – giving healthcare experts enough time to do what matters the most.  

Further, administrators can easily track average registration time and client satisfaction levels in a centralized dashboard. It also improves the financial health of a healthcare organization by offering automated collections, flexible patient billing options, and more

Phreesia Software Key Features

Patient Intake

A solid patient intake process helps ensure the accurate electronic management of patients' documentation and registration. The Phreesia EMR software helps clinicians complete all of the necessary intake tasks for their patients without requiring an army of staff. Its automated platform standardizes and streamlines the intake process across a system and provides a personalized experience to each patient.

Appointment Scheduling

Phreesia software provides simple, streamlined patient appointment scheduling and management. It allows patients to schedule their in-person or telehealth appointments and eases the burden on clinic schedulers. Practices can also save staff time, reduce no-shows, and ensure a better patient experience with automated appointment reminders.

Reporting and Analytics

The application provides valuable, real-time clinical, financial, and operational insights to its users. Practices can leverage these insights to calculate the volume of incoming patient appointment requests, get a clearer picture of the entire intake process, track payment volumes by location, and more.

Phreesia Software Pricing

Phreesia pricing structure is based on the subscription-based model. The exact pricing details for the software are available on request. You can contact the vendor to obtain Phreesia medical software cost information.   

Software Demo

You can see this software in action by simply scheduling a demo. A comprehensive product demo will let you see how intuitive Phreesia app is to use and explore its features in real-time.


This system has been well-reviewed across most sites. The healthcare IT solution is lauded for its wealth of features, intuitive interface, and comprehensive suite of patient intake tools. However, some users felt the glitches and bugs in the software were frustrating. Overall, it is an all-inclusive, user-friendly patient intake management solution. 

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Our Thoughts

Phreesia is a powerful medical scheduling and patient intake management platform ideal for healthcare organizations looking to improve population health, optimize practice efficiency and lower costs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does Phreesia work?

Phreesia automates the patient check-in process by collecting personal health information from the patient. The information is collected on the iPad in a secure and HIPAA-compliant fashion.

Is Phreesia an EMR?

Yes, Phreesia is EMR software.

Is Phreesia cloud-based?

Yes, Phreesia software can be deployed in the cloud.

What is Phreesia software?

Phreesia is a technology-based company. It assists healthcare organizations in automating patient intake, payments, referrals, consent management, and scheduling.

What languages does Phreesia Software support?

Phreesia provides support in the following languages: Arabic, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Vietnamese, English, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, and Polish languages.

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