What Is Coassemble?


Coassemble LMS is a cloud-based online training platform that caters to businesses and teams. It enables companies to create highly effective online training programs by considering each stage of their employees' training journey. This software provides features such as role assignment, activity grading, enrollment management, and reports and analytics. 

What Is Coassemble Best For?

The Coassemble platform is a modern solution that offers a variety of interactive features to captivate learners. This software enriches the learning experience by providing courses that encourage reading, listening, watching, and hands-on application. 

Coassemble Pricing

Coassemble software offers two subscription models for users: 

  • Pro 
  • Premium 

Pricing for the software starts from $120/month. For more details, view the table below. For a custom quote, click the Get Pricing button or view the table at end. 

Coassemble Integrations

Coassemble learning management system offers integrations through Zapier. These include: 

  • Slack 
  • Salesforce CRM 
  • MailChimp 
  • HubSpot 
  • Trello 
  • Asana 
  • Shopify 

How Does Coassemble Work?

Once you've logged in to your Coassemble LMS dashboard, follow these steps to get started: 

  • Log in using your credentials. 
  • Click the "Create Course" button to create a new course. You can choose from various course templates or start from scratch. 
  • Add content to your course once it's created. 
  • Create assessments to track learners' progress and test their knowledge. 
  • Set up enrollments for learners to access the course. 
  • Once you've created content and set up enrollments, publish the course for learners to access. 
  • Coassemble LMS lets you track learners' progress through the course, view their quiz results, and analyze engagement metrics. 

If you still have questions, click "Watch Demo" to see a teaser of the tool's functionalities.

Who Is Coassemble For?

Coassemble software can be utilized in the following industries: 

  • Computer Software 
  • eLearning 
  • Human Resources  
  • Marketing and Advertisement  
  • Non-Profit Organization Management 

The customers of the software include freelancers, public administrations, HR managers, and small to medium-sized businesses. 

Coassemble Features

Activity Grading

Coassemble LMS offers the Activity Grading feature, which enables trainers or instructors to grade learners' performance on quizzes, assignments, surveys, and more. With this feature, trainers can customize grading rules, set up grading scales, and define the weight of each activity. 

Enrollment Management

Coassemble LMS streamlines the enrollment process for learners through the Enrollment Management feature. Trainers or administrators can manage enrollments, assign courses or learning paths, and track progress from a centralized dashboard. Learners can also self-enroll in courses or be added by trainers or administrators. 


Coassemble LMS provides insights into learner engagement through its reporting feature, including course access, completion, and quiz results. Trainers can customize reports by selecting specific data points, filtering by time and exporting data to other formats. 


The eLibrary feature allows trainers or administrators to create a centralized repository of learning resources, such as documents, videos, and images. Learners can access resources from any device, at any time, and the feature comes with pre-built design templates to save time. 

Is Coassemble Right For You?

Coassemble LMS provides individuals with access to information regardless of location or time, enhancing the employee training experience. Some of Coassemble's customers include the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association and Volt Athletics. The software is suitable for small to mid-sized businesses. 

Ultimately, deciding whether Coassemble LMS is right for an organization will depend on its specific needs, goals, and budget. It may be helpful to schedule a demo or trial of the platform to better understand its capabilities. Click on "Watch Demo" to see more.

Coassemble Pricing

Ultimately, deciding whether Coassemble LMS is right for an organization will depend on its specific needs, goals, and budget. It may be helpful to schedule a demo or trial of the platform to better understand its capabilities. 

  • Pro 20-250
  • Premium 20-250
120-375 / month
Billed Annually
160-625 / month
Billed Annually
What’s included
(Pro Plan Features)
What’s included
(Premium Plan Features)
  • Unlimited Courses
  • Create courses, quizzes etc.
  • 20 users
  • Analytics
  • Sharing Capabilities
  • Manage your resources, groups, and user permissions
Everything in the Pro Plan including:
  • 250 users
  • Advanced branding
  • Custom domain
  • Custom enrolment email
  • Third-party integrations

For more information click Get Pricing

Coassemble Features




Activity Dashboard


Asynchronous Learning


Activity Tracking




Access Controls/Permissions


Applicant Tracking


Attendance Tracking


Collaboration Tools


Document Management


Learning & Development


Recruitment Management


Training Management


eLearning Companies


Certification & Licensing


Built-in LMS


Learner Portal


  • Efficient customer support
  • Truly impactful online training
  • Interactive Features
  • Mobile app


  • The system lags occasionally
  • Assignment submission can be confusing

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Coassemble support mobile devices?

The software does not have an app but is completely mobile responsive.

What languages does Coassemble support?

The application has two interfaces - one for trainers and the other for learners. The learner interface is currently accessible in multiple languages, including English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Korean, and French. However, the trainer interface is only available in English.

What other apps Coassemble integrate with?

There are various integration options available, including Zapier and API. Some apps include Slack, Trello, MailChimp, Salesforce etc.

What type of pricing plans does Coassemble offer?

Coassemble offers two subscription models for users: Pro and Premium. Pricing for the software starts from $120/month.

Who are the typical users of Coassemble?

The customers of the software include freelancers, public administrations, HR managers, and small to medium-sized businesses.

Coassemble Pricing

Small Organization

Within Budget

Medium Organization

Within Budget

Large Organization

Outside Budget

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