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Canvas offers a software-as-a-service learning management system that is scalable for educational institutions of all types and sizes. The platform comes with a robust suite of features, which includes shareable data, flexible pedagogy, multimedia, portfolios, e-commerce, advanced grading, and more. Canvas software also caters to the needs of companies with hybrid or fully virtual learning environments. Moreover, it delivers engaging learning experiences and helps ensure a solid foundation for an organization’s learning ecosystem.

The application generates actionable reports, automatically populates students’ grade books, as well as allows instructors to provide annotated feedback. It provides robust LMS functionality for online learning, including course content authoring, tailor-fit student assessments, standards-based educational resources, mobile communication, and more. Further, the vendor’s App Center gives users access to mobile-friendly teaching tools, which can provide a new wealth of functionalities.   

Key Features

Multimedia Capabilities

Multimedia sources help instructors provide valuable, engaging learning experiences to their students. The Canvas education software allows teachers and students to share images, audio, and video files either in response or as content. They can also make annotations to create a collaborative space. 


Canvas learning platform showcases the work of students in the most comprehensive manner through Portfolium. It helps users implement a personalized learning approach and enables learners to showcase their progress, take ownership of their learning, practice their skills, and plan learning activities in advance.

Flexible Pedagogy

The flexible pedagogy approach is learner-centered and gives students choice in the place, pace, and mode of their learning. The Canvas software allows teachers to design courses around students’ preferred learning methods; this could include project-based learning, flipped learning, traditional grading, standards-based grading, or any other method that works for them. 

Canvas Software Pricing

Canvas pricing structure is based on the subscription-based model. The exact pricing for the software is not disclosed by the vendor. However, user reviews suggest that the Canvas LMS pricing starts from $20 per month per user or $299 per year per user. You can contact the vendor to obtain more information.

Canvas Software Demo

You can witness first-hand how intuitive this product is to use by simply scheduling a Canvas demo. A comprehensive product demo will let you see the software in action and find out how it can benefit your organization.

Canvas Software Reviews

Canvas for schools and other educational institutions has been well-reviewed across most sites. The most common compliments given to Canvas are for its ease of use and wealth of features; assessment tools, grading assignments, integrations etc. However, some users felt the glitches and bugs in the program were frustrating. Overall, it is a good solution for educational institutions of all sizes.

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Our Thoughts

Canvas is a feature-packed learning management system that comes with all the necessary tools schools, universities, and other companies need to ensure a flexible, progressive learning environment. 

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