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Skillsoft is a HIPAA-compliant cloud-based learning management solution for businesses hailing from all industries, including finance, healthcare, manufacturing, and public (government) works. It provides customized learning recommendations across catalogs of different niches.  

Through the interface, users can access engaging learning plans, scenario-based courses, and training based on various roles, topics, and resources. The different subject training sessions provided by Skillsoft Company include leadership development, management, business skills, digital transformation, and compliance. 

The software, further, provides modeling and simulations for blended, asynchronous, and social learning. Its certification and licensing features come with rigorous Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance.  

All kinds of business organizations ranging from small to large-scale enterprises use Skillsoft training for Labor Forecasting, Employee management, and Environmental Compliance. The SAAS interface, further, is compatible with all web-based, IOS, and Android devices.  

Key Features 

SumTotal Integration 

Skillsoft LMS provides SumTotal Integration for highly-regulated organizations. It allows users to attract, recruit, and improve the employee lifecycle. It increases employee engagement and facilitates transitions, performance improvements, and overall growth. Employers, through the systematic workflows enabled, can raise brand reputation with the SumTotal Marketplace integration.  

As an organizational subscriber, you can access the platform’s high-end Compliance, Digital Transformation, and Career Planning features with Skillsoft Cooperation. 

Skillsoft Percipio 

The Skillsoft Percipio dashboard integration provides seamless access to the vendor’s Leadership Development Program (SLDP). Here, users can learn in-demand skills, attain hands-on practice, and get AI-driven recommendations. The feature, further, allows you to integrate present content with any existing LMS or LXP. Through this product attribute, you can save precious time with automated content updates and curation.  

By way of an industry record, Skillsoft training managed to achieve 1323% ROI in two weeks’ time following implementation – a feat that merits all its user acclaim. 

Completely Personalized Learning 

SkillPort Learning allows you to completely personalize learning with custom features. You can set a turnkey home page view with automated notifications and custom banners. The platform’s AI integration provides recommended videos, courses, books, and skills training according to user interest.  

SkillPort Learning Pricing 

SkillPort Learning is available in three basic plans: 

  • Individual - $19/month (14-day free trial) 
  • Team - $45/month (30-day free trial) 
  • Enterprise - on-demand 

Skillsoft Demo  

Skillsoft LMS comes with free trial access for all users. A longstanding unpaid version of the software is not available. As a prospective user, you can request a personalized demo from the vendor.  

The Skillsoft company, as such, provides training through documentation, videos, webinars, a dedicated Help Desk, and 24/7 chat support.  

Skillsoft Software Reviews 

Skillsoft training boasts many happy learners across the globe who have left positive reviews about the software on a number of online platforms, rating the LMS with high-stars feedback.  

The program provides a smooth administrative experience for receiving assignments, allotting badges and certifications, and promoting different courses. Various companies deploy Skillsoft for ethical training, compliance, mitigating risks, and meeting their regulatory requirements.  

You can fish for more reviews in our Reviews Section.  

Our thoughts 

Skillsoft LMS Software is an OSHA & SCORM-compliant learning and skill-development software. It comes with a built-in LMS dashboard and Learner Portal that allows mobile learning on the go.  

As a subscriber, you can access the program’s performance tracking features with the integrated Skills Tracking, Reporting/Analytics, Time & Attendance, and Automated notification tools. Skillport Learning, further, provides a community page for learning follow-ups and discussions. This learning solution is available in English, French, German, and Spanish, making it accessible to a wide range of demographies. 

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