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Internet Search

User searches for product/ service on the internet and lands on Software Finder.

15-Minute Phone Consultation

We reach out to discuss buyer’s requirements.

Your Job

Engage your buyers in time and convert them to paying customers!

Lead Conversion

After browsing through multiple options, buyers contact us for more information.

Connecting Buyers with Sellers

If a prospect fits Vendor’s criteria, we will introduce the product and send it over to you as a lead.

Here are examples of Lead Details that you will receive from Software Finder

Sales-Ready Opportunity Example 1:

Contact Information

Client name: Kenny Ford

Company name: KLM Insurance

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 782-345-9090

Address: Greenalley Way Dr., Atlanta, GA, 30360

Company Profile

Industry: Insurance

Company Size: 50+

Annual revenue: $50m+

Outline Of Projects & Requirements

Application required: HR Software, Learning Management

Key features required: Applicant tracking, employee engagement, recruiting & payroll feature

Current Software: Managing everything over Excel

Price expectations: $10k annually

Timeline of project: 5 months

Detailed call notes: The buyer is interested in an all-in-one HR software system that has hiring features, employee engagement, tracks leave and attendance management, as well has an in-built payroll feature. They want to switch from manual input over excel to a software system that automatically takes care of all HR needs. During the demo they would like to see how each feature works and they want all HR employees to be proficiently trained in the software.

Sales-Ready Opportunity Example 2:

Contact Information

Client name: Annabelle Winfred

Company name: Dr. Annabelle Medical Practice

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 553-212-8000

Address: 50 Forest Down St., Detroit, MI, 48227

Company Profile

Industry: Healthcare

Company Size: 10+

Annual revenue: $5m+

Outline Of Projects & Requirements

Application required: EHR/EMR, Practice Management Software, Medical Billing & RCM

Key features required: EHR system that does everything for a small practice.

Current Software: Medics One

Price expectations: $500/month/user

Timeline of project: 3 months

Detailed call notes: They are having issues with their current system including concerns regarding patient support. They are looking for a web-based integrated EMR & PM solution that is easy to learn and can help in daily clinical & administrative workflows. During the demo they would like to see scheduling,clinical workflows, patient portal, lab and radiology integration and reporting. They want to switch as soon as possible.

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