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Product Listing

Product Listing

While our lead generation program is for our Paid Partners, we do not limit buyers’ access to vendors by giving preference to some vendors over others in our listing page. If you have a product or service that you’d like people to know about, we’ll welcome you on our portal free of cost.

Personalized Lead

Personalized Lead Generation Program

If a prospect fits your buyer criteria, we will introduce your product to them, collect information for your sales team and send it over to you either as a lead or an appointment.

Premium Branding

Premium Branding Opportunities

Are you looking for additional eyeballs on your brand? Do you need to introduce new products or build some goodwill in the industry for your organization? We can help put your brand on the map through our premium branding opportunities such as Webinars, Email Marketing, & Paid Advertising.

How Software Finder is Different, Better.

Unlike our competitors, We genuinely offer better qualified, Relatively low-cost leads. Here's what sets us apart from them:

Software advice

Higher Pricing - Our per lead/appointment costs are at least 30% cheaper than Software Advice.

Limited Exclusivity - As a business policy, We do not share a single lead or appointment with more than 3 vendors as opposed to 5+ vendors for our competitors.

Buyer zone

Poor Lead Quality with no qualification notes - You end up spending more time refunding leads than converting them.


Bidding and auction-based lead system - No confirmed lead.

Small lead pool with poor quality - Since its acquisition by Software Advice. Same problems with a different name.

PrognoCIS PrognoCIS

Take the first step to filling your sale pipeline with unique qualified leads.

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