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360Learning is a cloud-based learning management solution that allows you to build a collaborative learning culture. The interface design comes motivated by the belief that every organization has the potential to become a knowledge accumulating agent, where collective intelligence can be leveraged to drive both innovation and growth. 360Learning software, as such, is designed to help companies tap into this shared acumen, fostering a culture of continuous improvement. 

In brief, the software makes it easy to create and deliver engaging online learning experiences, train customer-facing teams, and develop professional skills–all from one place, and because 360Learning is cloud-based, meaning you can access your courses and 360training materials from anywhere, at any time. It is also highly customizable, allowing you to create courses that fit your unique organizational needs and branding. Plus, with utility’s in-built reporting and analytics tools, you can track employee progress and measure the impact of your training programs.  

So, if you're looking for an easy-to-use yet powerful learning management system, 360Learning provides the perfect solution. 

Key Features 

Course Management 

360Learning makes it easy to create, deliver, and manage online courses. The 360 Learning Management solution lets you quickly develop engaging course content using software’s drag-and-drop course builder. In addition, you’re treated to a wide range of features to make managing your courses effortless.  

LMS 360 also makes it easy to add assignments and quizzes to your courses so that you can assess employee understanding and progress. 

Content Library 

360Learning has a comprehensive content library, including over 1,000 online courses and templates. Under the 360Learning Careers purview, you can easily find the courses you need to onboard new employees, train customer-facing teams, and develop professional skills. Plus, the program content library is set to expand constantly, so you can always find the latest, most incisive, material to coach your teams with scholarly confidence. 

Engaging Online Learning Experiences 

360Learning software is designed to create engaging online learning experiences. The software offers a wide range of features to make your courses more enticing, including video lessons, audio narrations, and gamification. Plus, the training modules are mobile-friendly, so your employees can learn them on the go. 

360Learning Pricing 

360Learning’s pricing starts from $8; with the offers structured in three pricing plans:  

  1. Team plan: Designed for teams with 1 to 100 users - $8 
  2. Business plan: Support your company's growth with multiple collaborative learning initiatives 
  3. Enterprise plan: For those looking for a strategic partner to maximize their business impact. 

Contact 360Learning for further business and enterprise plan details. 

360Learning Demo 

You can request a free 360Learning demo to see how the software could work for your organization. The company also offers a 30-day free software trial that lets you explore its features and capabilities in detail. 

360Learning Reviews 

There are many positive reviews of 360Learning software from users. It has a 4.5/5 rating online, with users praising the software's ease-of-use, flexibility, and power. 360Learning is also consistently ranked as one of the top learning management systems by industry experts. You can read more 360Learning Reviews in our review section. 

Our Thoughts 

360Learning is the perfect solution for organizations looking for an easy-to-use yet powerful learning management system. If you're looking for an online learning solution that is flexible and customizable, 360Learning is the perfect solution for you. 

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