About Us

We are a premier online resource and software consultancy that helps people find the right software for their business. At Software Finder we provide validated user reviews, industry insights and expert advice to help buyers choose the right software for their business. To top it all, our team of analysts is always there for our customers ascertaining their needs and guiding them towards the right choices for their business. All of this is and will always remain free for our customers.

How do we earn money?

Since you trust us with your business we think it's only fair that we tell you how our business works. Neither do we earn advertising dollars from vendors nor do we push our customers towards a certain software. We earn money by creating mutually beneficial relationships between software buyers and sellers.

Why do software vendors love us?

Here’s what we think sets us apart from our competitor;

1. Better Pricing – Our per lead/appointment costs are at least 30% cheaper than Software Advice or Capterra. More opportunities, especially if they come at a lesser cost, are always good for business.

2. Better Lead Quality – We pride ourselves in keeping lead quality at the forefront of our business objectives and have made a conscious effort to not give in to the temptation of expanding our operations at the expense of operational quality.

Our leads and appointments are thoroughly vetted by seasoned lead generation experts before being passed on to the vendors.

3. Exclusivity – As a business policy, we do not share a single lead or appointment with more than 3 vendors (as opposed to 5+ vendors for other lead generation companies).

4. 60 days’ trial period – We offer trial period for vendors to test out our lead quality before entering into a long-term contract.

5. No bids. No Auctions – We are old school when it comes to our business relations. Our dealings are hassle free for our clients.

If you’re a vendor that is actively looking for branding opportunities or access to high quality leads/appointments to augment your sales pipeline, we’re the less costly yet more effective partner for you. For more information on how to increase your brand’s visibility and outreach on our network email us at [email protected].

You’ll have us at HELLO.

We’re always available.

● For software related queries call our toll free helpline (661) 384-7070.

● For non software related queries drop us an email at [email protected]


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