BQE CORE Software

What is BQE CORE?


BQE CORE is an all-in-one accounting and invoicing software designed to help businesses make better decisions, increase project revenue, and improve project outcomes. It offers features such as time tracking, project accounting, business intelligence, and mobile app support. 

The platform also provides expert support to help users get the most out of their subscriptions. With its intuitive tools and powerful platform, BQE software can help businesses manage their finances both more efficiently and effectively.

What is BQE CORE best for?

BQE CORE software is designed/best for helping businesses make better decisions that enable greater efficiency, increase project revenue, and improve project performance/outcomes. 

Using the platform, deploying organizations can collate/streamline information, automate repetitive tasks, and spend more time narrowing in on the project management concerns that shore up the bottom line.

Project Management (Project Performance Monitoring)

BQE CORE is a project-centric software solution that offers powerful project management functionalities for time tracking, task allocation, progress monitoring, schedule and budget management, invoicing, and accounting - all in one package.

Data Entry Enablement/Oversight

The monotony of data entry is simplified with the BQE software. Instead of manually entering each field, the tool's automated data capture function allows users to quickly input vast amounts of information into the system. Businesses can take advantage of this convenience to keep track of their financials and other important accounting details in an organized way.

Cash Flow Documentation

BQE CORE project management provides businesses with the tools they need to optimize their cash flow. The system's automated invoicing and ePayments offerings save time while enhancing efficiency, while its project accounting and recurring billing options help companies keep better track of their financial transactions. 

The subscription's Cash Flow Monthly Statement is an especially helpful report that gives clear running totals of changes in balance sheet accounts and income.

BQE CORE Software Cost & Trial

BQE CORE cost are generally distributed in three subscription tiers – with a feature-rich, all-in-one, ‘Foundations’ plan that forms the base for 3 more advanced, additional functionality, module functions (with added payment tiers). 

These are listed as follows:

  • Accounting
  • CRM
  • HR

The vendor doesn’t list their per-user BQE CORE pricing tariff for these offers publicly – but we have detailed the distinct features of these paid packages in the table below. 

You can, however, obtain accurate, updated, and custom-paid BQE CORE pricing plan details by clicking the ‘Get Pricing’ button above – provided by our customer service experts.

BQE CORE plan trial arrangements are also available; provisioned by the vendor.


The BQE CORE software demo provides the perfect opportunity for organizations considering the platform to see it in screen, non-commital, action. If you’re looking to subscribe, it is recommended to preview this BQE feature first before reaching out to the vendor’s sales representatives or support team for deployment talks.

To start the CORE BQE demo screening, click the ‘Watch Demo’ button above.

BQE CORE Integrations

CORE BQE connects seamlessly with the following services via its API integrations (please note that this list is not comprehensive):

  • Google Drive
  • Microsoft Dynamic 365 Business Central
  • Dropbox 
  • QuickBooks Online
  • OneDrive 
  • Microsoft BI 
  • Xero Accounting Software
  • Salesforce CRM

How does BQE CORE work?

The software works via an interplay of three distinct components: 

  • Job Management 
  • Project Management
  • Billing & Invoicing 

All these pieces work together to provide users with an in-depth view of their business operations. 

Here’s a brief explanation of each.

The job management system allows users to create projects/detailed jobs for clients that break down each aspect of the assignment. After the formalization of these jobs, the system automatically calculates all associated costs—including labor hours, materials costs, and any other expenses incurred. Users will get an accurate picture of how much each project will cost before beginning work on it. 

The project management system creates high-level projects that encompass multiple related jobs while providing control over variables like budgeting and timelines. It then tracks every task within those projects so you can monitor progress easily without needing many consultants or accountants. In this way, you will have comprehensive insights into what’s happening at every stage of development—from daily progress reports to checklists for key tasks. 

The invoicing system accommodates easy online billing for services rendered or goods purchased. Users can leverage tools like payment terms tracking, expense tracking, expense reporting, and automated email alerts when payments are due, create invoices with custom branding, set up recurring payments, and track customer purchase histories all in one place. 

Who is BQE CORE for?

BQE CORE is ideal for organizational affiliates who need an efficient way to manage their finances and other business operations, spanning such industry settings and integration with professionals as:

  • Small Business Spaces
  • Contractors 
  • Freelancers
  • Consultants
  • Architects
  • IT Teams
  • Marketing Agencies
  • Computer Programmers

The BQE software program is inherently scalable, so it also works well for larger enterprises that deal with complex job costing, expense tracking, resource allocation, time sheets management (time tracking via time entry and exit recording to gauge), and project management needs.  

BQE CORE Features

Here’s a listing (plus explanations) of the platform’s top six service features (as they benefit organizational subscribers):

Project Accounting Modules

Get more visibility into your company’s financial performance. This feature allows account insights at every level—company, client, phase, project, and staff. You can connect business and project accounting for better financial management.  

Billing and Invoicing

You can track/enter time, expenses, and billing (including vendor bills) all in one place. Send prompt invoices and expense receipts to clients once approved and receive paid deposits with instant ePayments. Automated invoicing also helps save time you can spend on more significant tasks. By extension, you can automate the entire billing process to boost cash flow as well as create invoices that match specific project types. 

CRM (Add-on Module)

Run marketing campaigns, manage lead scoring and conversions, and track RFI/RFQ for boosting customer relationships. The COREBQE CRM tools allow users to turn insights into valuable actions. Furthermore, you can handle the entire customer lifecycle process from a single centralized and integrated platform location. 

Human Resources (Add-on Module)

BQE CORE's comprehensive HR module helps streamline and automate everyday processes. It provides an intuitive interface with powerful tools to track employee information/hours worked, manage payrolls, handle benefits, and more (in an effort to boost organizational productivity). The platform supports HR departments of every size by providing the most needed features in one easy-to-use solution. 

Reporting and Analytics

The reporting and analytics feature enables businesses to generate insightful log reports on employee performance, project costs/earned value, time spent (via time cards) expenses, and more. With this function, users can easily identify trends and gain valuable insights into their processes and costs, as well as deploy custom fields. 

Mobile Application Access

BQE CORE project management mobile app allows users to stay connected and productive on the go. The app offers a streamlined user experience with features like time tracking, project overviews, and resource scheduling. With powerful integration capabilities, this utility enables users to stay up-to-date with their business activities even when they're out of the office.

Is BQE CORE right for me?

To determine if CORE BQE is the right software for your business needs, consider the size of your organization, budget constraints, and what type of features are most important to you.

Generally, however, if it's a comprehensive account and billing solution you're after (whatever your organizational context), the subscription comes highly recommended. In practice, it renders a lot of the other platforms in the space to the ‘outdated software’ category; ranked as being ‘tremendously helpful’ by large swaths of users looking to systematize their finance flows (see the BQE CORE Review sections).

BQE CORE Pricing Guide

Click on ‘Get Pricing’ above to get instant, accurate quotes, the full listing of applicable BQE CORE software offers/pricing plans, plus ‘live rep’ platform onboarding/free trial sign-up facilitation.

  • Basic
  • Account
  • CRM   
  • HR    
(Talk to our Helpline Executives to Confirm)
(Talk to our Helpline Executives to Confirm)
(Talk to our Helpline Executives to Confirm)
(Talk to our Helpline Executives to Confirm)
What’s included
(Basic Module)
What’s included
(Basic Module + Account)
What’s included
(Basic Module + CRM)
What’s included
(Basic Module + HR)
  • Time. Expense, & Profitability Tracking
  • Basic Billing, Account/Cash Flow Management, & Invoicing
  • Project Management
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Client Support/Answer Queries & Requests
  • Auto Reconciliation
  • Integrated Account Deposits & Fund Transfers
  • New Firm Program Onboarding
  • Profitability Analysis
  • Custom Chart of Accounts
  • Company Budgeting
  • Company Financial Reports
  • Campaign & Budget Management
  • Prospect Tracking
  • Proposal Builder
  • Team/Sales Enablement Too
  • Departmental Requests Flow
  • Employee Benefits and Review
  • HR Forms Library
  • Performance Measurement
  • Salary History Tracking/ Requests
  • Automated PTO

BQE CORE Software Features


Access Controls/Permissions


Budget Management


Data Import/Export


Employee Management


Milestone Tracking


Planning Tools


Strategic Planning


Task Management


Visual Workflow Management


Workflow Management


Process Modeling & Designing


Real Time Reporting


Timeline Management


Activity Tracking


Remote Support


  • Ease-of-use: intuitive screen page design; smooth site/back end/firm deployment
  • Mobile App Access/Responsive Screen Build
  • Collaboration with out-of-office firm/team members
  • Powerful features for business management
  • Ability to scale
  • Real Time, ‘Correct’, Data Tracking


  • Onboarding is reported to be a ‘bit cumbersome’ (based on several review accounts); multiple timers working in shifts tend to complain of ‘real time’ system data recording errors + team connection lags
  • Expensive compared to other similar tool options
  • Site/connection issues resolution takes time

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does BQE Core offer an API?

The software does include API access.

Does BQE Core support mobile devices?

Yes, it supports Android and iOS devices.

What languages does BQE Core support?

It only supports the English language.

What level of support does BQE Core offer?

Users can connect with support via chat, email, phone, and a 24/7 live representative. They can also consult the knowledge base and FAQs/forum.

What other apps does BQE Core integrate with?

It can integrate with Dropbox Business, MYOB Business, Stripe, Google Drive, OneDrive, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Power BI, QuickBooks Online, LawPay, ArchiSnapper, Box, and Xero.

What types of pricing plans does BQE Core Suite offer?

Pricing information is available from the vendor upon request.

Who are the typical users of BQE Core?

Freelancers, large enterprises, mid-sized and small businesses, non-profit organizations, and public administrations are typical users of the software.

BQE CORE Software Pricing

Small Organization

Within Budget

Medium Organization

Within Budget

Large Organization

Within Budget

BQE CORE Software reviews

Overall Rating

153 Reviews


Great Timesheet Interface but Lags Often

May 2023

Stephanie Jenkins

ID & Design International

I appreciate the fact that the project names stay from week to week so you don't have to reinput the project number every week. I also love that you are able to submit PTO requests directly to your manager or director for approval. It's also helpful that it keeps track of all the PTO time you have used and unused throughout the year. This definitely eliminates the hassle of having to go to accounting to know the balance of your PTO hours.
The user face for the timesheet implementation is easy to use but this has been an unresolved issue for me. This has been a problem since I started using the program years ago. I have not yet seen any solution to this.

Overall Satisfaction with BQE CORE

May 2023


DXA Studio

I use BQE CORE as time entry and tracking tool. CORE is well suited for time entry and reporting across employee groups and projects.
It is not the most intuitive tool. It can be difficult to get the reports to show the data you want, and there is no way to remove data fields from a report.

User-friendly and saves time

May 2023

Logan Myrick

Seacon Engineering Associates, Inc

Saves lots of time when tracking time and expenses, it is very straightforward and simple to navigate
Can on occassion be a little slow.

bqe Core review

May 2023

Jerry Varman


I use it everyday for time spent on projects. Great support team.
Lots of options and information for a new user. Takes getting use to.

Core Review - Alex Sketers

May 2023

Alex Sketers

T4S Partners

Simple and easy to use.
Straight forward.
No cons!

Core 3

May 2023


Kipnis Architecture + Planning

Consolidation of time/project management and billing data. Customer service is excellent.
Search and data retrieval is complex and inconsistent depending on how data is accessed.

CORE - It gets the job done.

May 2023

Brian Nekurak

Lansdowne Consulting Group

It has loads of features that allow us to better manage time, people, and resources.

Some of the interfaces are not as intuitive as I would like.

Great for time tracking and project management

May 2023

Carissa Jackson

RMD Environmental

The interface was easy to use and intuitive. The ability to keep track of project tasks and time spent is awesome and the ease of using it makes project management and billing time spent a breeze.
Limited flexibility in terms of assigning tasks and collaboration.

Easy to use

May 2023

Jose Alvarado


UI was user-friendly and customizable. Very easy for someone to get a hang of it. What I liked most was the ability to use it across various types of devices such as android and apple products instead of it having to solely be in a desktop setting. Made it very convenient.
Was buggy at times when displaying time entries for the whole week including the weekends but other than that it was fine.

Generally satisfied

May 2023

Easy to use product

LTL Consultants, Ltd.

Easy to use
Great training available
Cloud-based great for remote employees
Time & Expense tracking great
Reporting options great (as well as a solid export feature for those times you need to tweak the appearance of the report)
Customer service needs to improve their resolution of issues and communication
slow at times
coordination during and post migration was severly lacking communication and timely resolution of issues.

Easy to use interface, with some room for improvement

May 2023

Christine Langdon

LTL Consultants, Ltd.

Easy to use
Training available
Great report options (appreciate the well designed export feature)
Time & expense entry for employees easy to use
Customer Service/Support needs improvement
Migration was rough
Issue resolution takes too long

BQE Software notes

May 2023


QCR Services Inc

Good time and expense tracking software and works good for invoicing as well
Buffering and runs slow at times.


May 2023

Riley Streit


All the basic functions like time entry, etc. work very well.
Management tools such as budgeting are clunky & don't always work like they should.

BQE Core is vital to Engineering firms!

May 2023

Tiffany Brauner

Fairway Consulting and Engineering, LLC

Ease of use, designed with Engineering in mind, Intuitive
Didn't stream with Quickbooks great, but we worked through it.

Great software for a small firm

May 2023

Melissa Herman

Pardi Partnership Architects

We previously did our accounting manually and didn't have project management implemented. We were able to choose which modules we needed and setup was very easy. There is always support and training available.
They are always improving the program and sometimes there are lags with reports when updating, but they always let you know when they plan on doing it so you can plan ahead.

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