Redbooth Software

What Is Redbooth?


Redbooth is a cloud-based project management and team collaboration software that helps teams organize their work and communicate more effectively. With features such as task management, team messaging, and file sharing, Redbooth simplifies collaboration.

It is designed for teams to get their best work done together. The software helps teams manage many tasks simultaneously with their flexible software. They can stay on track with existing projects and start new ones instantly with pre-built templates. Global teams use Redbooth to manage their most important projects.

What Is Redbooth Best For?

Redbooth software is best known for its intuitive design and flexible software that helps teams manage their work and communicate more effectively. One of its unique features is organization with Kanban boards, which allow easy planning and tracking of projects on customizable boards. Tasks can be sorted, tagged, and organized for clear communication and better task management.

It also offers detailed productivity reports, allowing users to dive deeper into task status, time spent, and progress planning across users and workspaces. The software also includes Redbooth’s Timeline View, where users can track projects with Gantt charts.

Redbooth Pricing

Redbooth pricing plans offer multiple options to suit different team sizes and needs. They are as follows:

  • Free - $0
  • Pro - $12/user/month
  • Business - $18.75/user/month
  • Enterprise - Customized

For detailed Redbooth pricing information, click Get Pricing.

Disclaimer: Prices are subject to change.

Redbooth Integrations

The following are the third-party‌ integrations for Redbooth software:

  • Box
  • Dropbox
  • Okta
  • Zapier
  • Slack
  • TestLodge
  • Paydirt

How Does Redbooth Work?

Here is how you can get started with Redbooth project management software:

  • Upon logging in, set up your profile by adding your name, job title, and profile picture, helping team members identify you
  • Invite your team to Redbooth by sending them an email invitation. Once they accept the invitation and create their accounts, they can join your workspaces
  • Create workspaces for different projects where you can organize tasks, communicate with team members, share files and create tasks
  • The Dashboard summarizes your tasks and allows you to quickly switch between workspaces
  • Start assigning tasks to yourself or team members and collaborate on tasks by adding comments and attachments

For a detailed demonstration of features and functionality, click Watch Demo to access a comprehensive video walkthrough of Redbooth demo.

Who Is Redbooth For?

Redbooth software is designed for various departments in small, medium and large companies, including the following:

  • Marketing
  • Creative teams
  •  IT
  • Management teams
  • Remote teams

Redbooth Features

Here are the salient features of Redbooth project management:

  • Kanban Boards

The Kanban boards are designed to be intuitive and customizable, allowing you to easily plan and track your projects. You can sort, tag, and organize tasks for clear communication and better management.

  • Task Transparency

Redbooth ensures task transparency by displaying the ongoing tasks of all team members along with their deadlines. You can delegate responsibilities to your team with assigned users, specify date ranges, status, priority, and custom tag options.

  • Dashboards

With the dashboard feature, Redbooth helps you stay on top of important work and deadlines. You can manage your tasks, track updates, collaborate easily, and stay focused as a team.

  • Project Timelines

The timeline view allows you to track projects with Gantt charts. You can easily add tasks, drag and drop to change dates, create task dependencies, and set filters to see what matters and manage potential bottlenecks.

  • Productivity Reports

The software’s productivity reports, overviews, and calendar allow you to dive deeper into task status, time spent, and progress planning across users and workspaces. You can focus on one specific task or zoom out to see all projects in one view.

  • HD Video Meetings

The high-definition meetings powered by Zoom allow you to connect instantly with your team. You can share presentations, run team meetings, or conduct important conference calls with video meetings right from inside Redbooth.

Is Redbooth Right For You?

Are you looking for a project management software that helps teams manage tasks and facilitate communication so projects get completed faster and easier? Redbooth is the answer! Its intuitive design is the perfect solution for teams of all sizes.

Redbooth is a powerful communication platform that enables teams to easily perform additional tasks. It features task management, task creation, screen sharing, real-time communication, and video conferencing. The platform is designed to streamline communication and improve productivity, making it an ideal choice for teams of all sizes.

The software is designed with protective measures to ensure the security of your data. Amazon Web Services host it in a highly secure data center that has achieved PCI DSS Level 1 and ISO 27001 certification and has completed multiple SAS70 Type II audits. Redbooth is scalable and can help teams manage many tasks simultaneously with its flexible software.

Additionally, Redbooth features task management, which allows teams to organize their work and keep track of their progress. It helps solve overloaded email inboxes by providing a complete collaboration solution. Redbooth customers have reported reducing the onboarding time of new employees in half and cutting the time needed to complete routine tasks by up to 50%.

Still not sure if Redbooth is right for you? Contact us at (661) 384-7070, who will help you make the best decision.

Redbooth Pricing Plans

  • Free
  • Pro
  • Business
  • Enterprise
0 / month
12 / month
18.75 / month

(Free Features)
(Free+Pro Features)
(Pro+Business Features)
(Business+Enterprise Features)
  • Assign users & due dates
  • Exportable Gantt Charts
  • Task Overview
  • Calendar
  • Conversations
  • Community Forums
  • Email Support
  • User Recommendations
  • Time Tracking
  • Tag Manager
  • Multiple Task Assignees
  • Task Dependencies
  • Workload
  • HD Video Meetings
  • Due Date Recommendations
  • Custom Tag Groups
  • Assignable Subtasks
  • Trend Reports
  • Timeline Overview (new!)
  • OneDrive for Business Integration
  • Redbooth for Outlook Add-In
  • Phone Support
  • Free Training
  • Project Status (coming soon)
  • Predict Reports (coming soon)

Disclaimer: Prices are subject to change.

Redbooth Software Features


Access Controls/Permissions


Budget Management


Data Import/Export


Employee Management


Time Tracking




File Sharing


Data Visualization


Task Management


Customizable Workflows


Project Templates


Issue Tracking




Resource Allocation


Activity Tracking




Project Scheduling


Task Dependencies


Mobile App



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Redbooth offer an API?

Yes, the software has an API available for use.

Does Redbooth support mobile devices?

The software supports mobile devices.

What language does Redbooth support?

Redbooth supports multiple languages, including English, Spanish, Deutsch, French and Russian.

What level of support does Redbooth offer?

Redbooth provides various support options, including FAQs/Forum section, a Knowledge Base, 24/7 access to a live representative, Chat support, and an Email/Help Desk.

What other apps does Redbooth integrate with?

Redbooth integrates with several third-party applications, including Box, Dropbox, Okta, Zapier, Slack, TestLodge, and Paydirt.

What types of pricing plans does Redbooth offer?

Redbooth offers several pricing plans to suit different team sizes and budgets. The plans are as follows: Free ($0), Pro ($12/user/month), Business ($18.75/user/month), and Enterprise (customized).

Who are the typical users of Redbooth?

The software enables teams of small, medium, and large departments, including marketing, creative, IT, management, and remote teams.

Redbooth Software Pricing

Small Organization

Within Budget

Medium Organization

Within Budget

Large Organization

Within Budget

Redbooth Software reviews

Overall Rating

4 Reviews


The most efficient project management software on the market

November 2022

Harvey W.

HR Manager

Our teams benefit from the softwares centralized virtual workspaces for enhanced visibility, better planning, and job management. It boosts team productivity by allowing team communication to flow organically with how teams operate, from idea development to task creation and fulfillment. Its seamless integration of HD video chat and screen sharing makes it simple to bring together our staff from all around the world for face-to-face meetings. Its extensive reporting tool provides us with significant insights into team performance, allowing us to strategically distribute work, assess trends, and identify at-risk activities early on.
We are quite pleased with the functioning of the Redbooth software as a team; however, the one major drawback that we have discovered is the mobile application. All of the functions available in the desktop version are not available in the phone app, which makes accessing the project pretty difficult. The software is not particularly user-friendly, and the dashboard updates can be perplexing at times because we are unable to view changes on some activities. The lack of time tracking and integration with invoicing software is quite frustrating. Apart from these small flaws, the application is excellent for workflow management.

A perfect workflow management solution

November 2022

Carla R.

Project Manager

Redbooth is an excellent workflow management system because it enables our teams to manage an unlimited number of projects in collaborative workspaces that integrate files, tasks, and comments into a centralized, searchable, and in-sync experience. Personally, I like how easy it is to prioritize tasks, assign them to people, add tags and descriptions, and get everyone involved. In reality, it is the best software for successful team communication and project management. Our staff adores its simple navigation and solid features. Implementing the Redbooth software was the smartest move we could have made for our organization.
Weve been using the application for a while now, and the overall experience has been excellent. The software provides comprehensive tools for managing our chores and projects, as well as assisting us in keeping our work simple. The software provides limited file storage and the processing occasionally becomes sluggish, especially during the installation of new updates.

A great platform for enhanced productivity

November 2022

Smantha T.

Software Developer

Redbooth software provides a number of work management solutions that assist us in improving our teams productivity and performance. The software provides an easy-to-use and intuitive interface that aids in work organization. We can simply manage our staff across several locations and stay on top of project progress. The reporting mechanism is also excellent for keeping track of various project specifics. The best part about the software is that it is really inexpensive; even small budget organizations can easily afford it.
Overall, Redbooth is great project management, collaboration, and communication software. Our main concern with the software is that it only provides 2 GB of storage capacity for free plan, which is quite restricted when dealing with and keeping massive amounts of data. It would be fantastic if the developers could increase storage limitation for free plans.

An easy-to-operate project management tool

November 2022

Mary H.

Education Management

We have multiple PM tools at our disposal, which we select based on the size of the team involved in a project. But I find Redbooth to be the most user-friendly one available. The interface is very simple, and I have never touched the operating manual (and probably never will). An interesting fact: Redbooth has apps for a surprising number of platforms, including Apple TV. If there’s a project that involves a small or even a medium-sized team, I always go for Redbooth. The team loves it as well, thanks to the minimal learning curve involved.
I wish that I could use Redbooth for all my projects, but it is just too simple for that. Any sort of complex project that requires a larger team cannot be easily handled with Redbooth, which is unfortunate. It is great that we have access to other PM tools, but I personally prefer Redbooth and would love to use it for all the projects that I manage.

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Call us at

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