3 Must-have Scrum Tools for Agile Teams

Apr 13, 2022

Scrum is a tried-and-true agile framework that many companies use to achieve their project management objectives. However, like most frameworks, Scrum is only effective if you adhere to its rules.   

Large projects, for example, are broken down into small tasks that are completed in short, time-boxed periods known as sprints in Scrum project management. The framework also requires regular sprint reviews to keep the project team on track. But all of this may be too much for you to handle on your own, which is when Scrum tools can help.   

What Is Scrum Software?

A Scrum tool is an agile project management software that assists companies in implementing the Scrum project management methodology. For example, to track the progress of projects, Scrum team management software includes agile tools for scrum, such as sprint planning dashboards, reporting tools, and project analytics.   

Scrum tools for agile also include reporting dashboards and shared workspaces to help employees visualize the amount of work required for each project iteration and facilitate team collaboration.   

Benefits of Scrum Software

Enhanced Visibility

Project members and stakeholders can track real-time resource availability and project completion rates using features like task boards, daily Scrum meetings, and sprint reviews. 

Better Project Planning

Regular stakeholder feedback across the project lifecycle enables the development team to better plan tasks. It also predicts how much work they will be able to complete by a specific date.   

Low Risk of Project Failure

The Scrum methodology identifies issues as development progresses, rather than at the end of the project. This saves time and allows team members to make changes quickly to ensure the project's success.    

Best Scrum Resources


Monday com is one of the best agile scrum software. It provides pre-built Scrum project templates for sprint planning, bug tracking, and feature backlog creation. It also includes a Scrum board, enabling a project manager to plan, assign, and track tasks and subtasks.   

The key features are Gantt charts used to plan projects and project progress reports. The software also offers a shared activity dashboard for project collaboration.   


Monday.com's paid plan for three users starts at $24 per month (billed annually). It provides Android and iOS apps, as well as 200+ project templates. There is also a 14-day trial period for the tool.   


GitHub is a software development team's project management and version control tool. It adheres to the Scrum framework and enables project managers to divide large projects into small GitHub tasks or user stories. It also allows them to set team goals and track their progress. Among the key features are:   

  • Labels for task organization and prioritization   
  • A bug and issue tracking dashboard   
  • Project progress reports   

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GitHub is available for a monthly cost of $4 per user with a 2 GB storage limit. The tool also provides a free plan with a 500MB storage limit.   


Targetprocess is an agile project management tool that aids in the planning, tracking, and completing of Scrum projects. It includes a Scrum dashboard for monthly sprint planning and product and sprint backlog dashboards for tracking project progress.   

A project planning software and tracking dashboard are one of the key features. You can also use burndown charts to track project progress. Furthermore, the software includes an activity dashboard for team collaboration.   


The Targetprocess pricing is not available publicly. However, you can contact the vendor for a quote.    

Bottom Line

We hope this blog helps you find the best tools for scrum project management. To make the best choice, ensure that the scrum tool offers all the features you and your team require. In addition, you can read customer reviews of your shortlisted Scrum project management tool to understand its performance, features, usability, etc.