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TOPYX is a cloud-based learning management system (LMS) that enables users to create and deliver formal training programs and integrated informal learning experiences. The software offers a variety of social learning tools that makes it an ideal solution for enterprises, government institutions, associations, and non-profit organizations. TOPYX LMS is suitable for all types of learners, from beginners to experts. It offers a range of features such as course authoring, content management, e-commerce, social networking, assessment and certification, and more. 

TOPYX is a complete eLearning LMS solution that offers language packs, virtual classrooms, SCORM certification, and xAPI/LRS functionality. It also supports LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability). The program is ideal for businesses and organizations that want to create and deliver online learning experiences. With TOPYX LMS, you can easily create and manage your courses online and provide better learning engagements for both your employees and customers. 

Key Features 

Increased Efficiency & Enhanced Learning  

TOPYX learning management system allows users to create and manage learning content more efficiently, which leads to faster and more effective learning. The intuitive design of TOPYX LMS makes it easy for learners to navigate, resulting in a more engaging and satisfying engagement session. The interface offers greater flexibility than many other learning management systems, allowing users to tailor it to their specific needs. 

On-boarding Learning Management System 

TOPYX LMS is a powerful and easy-to-use learning management system that offers onboarding learning programs for employees. These initiatives help workers to learn about various educational and certification courses and provide them with assignments, quizzes, and other on-the-job training modules. 

Built-in Grade Book & Assessment Tool 

TOPYX also includes a built-in grade book and assessment tool, so you can easily track employee progress and ensure they receive the best training. With TOPYX, you can manage all your employee training in one central location, making it easy to keep track of employee progress and ensure that everyone is receiving the best possible education and certification.  

TOPYX LMS Software Pricing 

TOPYX LMS offers a flat-fee subscription pricing plan starting from $6850.00/year. The learning management system is structured in four costing tiers: 

  1. Elements: $6,850/year up to 500 users 
  2. Essentials: $18,750/year up to 2000 users 
  3. Expanded: $33,550/year for unlimited users 
  4. Enterprise Plan for ‘Unlimited Users’ - please reach out for exact pricing 

The LMS, further, offers custom pricing plans for larger organizations.   

TOPYX LMS Software Demo 

You can request a free demo of TOPYX LMS to get an in-depth look at how the software can benefit your organization. The program also comes with a free trial; the TOPYX login account allows you to access its features and more, so you can try the LMS platform without any cost incurment before you go on to buy it. 

TOPYX LMS Software Reviews 

TOPYX has a 4.5-star rating online, with users praising its ease of use and flexibility. The software is also highly rated for its customer support. TOPYX's wide range of features makes it an ideal solution for businesses and organizations of all sizes. You can read more TOPYX LMS reviews in our review section. 

Our Thoughts  

TOPYX is one of the best learning management systems (LMS) enabling businesses and organizations to create, manage, and deliver online training programs available on the market today! 

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