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Schoology is a cloud-based learning management system (LMS) geared toward curriculum management, course training, and system-wide resource sharing and cooperation. The software empowers educators to unleash the power of their classrooms by providing the simplest, most powerful online learning management solutions. Schoology offers third-party integrations that allow users to access and use a variety of different tools and applications within the platform interface. 

Schoology, further, provides access to a number of features designed to engage and motivate learners, such as discussion boards, video conferences, asynchronous learning, and calendar prompts. In addition, the program equips educators with insights into student progress and understanding through its built-in analytics tools.  

At present, Schoology is used by millions of students and teachers worldwide, making it one of the most popular learning management tech. enablers on the market today.  

Key Features 

Comprehensive Teaching and Learning Platform 

Schoology is a comprehensive teaching and learning platform that provides educators with everything they need to manage their classrooms effectively. With a platform subscription, teachers can create and deliver engaging lessons, assess students’ progress, and facilitate professional development opportunities for their colleagues.  

Student Performance Tracking 

Schoology's student performance tracking feature allows teachers and administrators to monitor student progress and identify areas of improvement. This is done by minutely overseeing students' activity levels, grades, and test scores.  

Course Management 

Schoology's course creation and management tools make it easy for educators to build and work through their courses. Following access, educators can easily add and remove courses, create assignments and quizzes, and track student progress. 


Schoology's gamification feature allows educators to reward students for their achievements and motivate them to continue learning. With this design characteristic, tutors can create custom badges and leaderboards to encourage competition among their charges. 

Parent/Student Portal & Audio/Images/Video Support 

The Schoology Parent/Student Portal gives parents and guardians the ability to view their child's progress and connect with their educators. This interface also gives students the ability to access their courses and materials from home.  

Schoology supports both the upload and sharing of audio, images, and video files making it easy for trainers to create and share engaging content with their pupils. 

Schoology Pricing 

The Schoology LMS (Learning Management System) is free for educators in K-12 public & private schools, colleges, and universities. The software vendor also offers an enterprise version for businesses.  

Please contact Schoology to get a custom quote. 

Schoology Demo 

Through vendor outreach, you can request a free Schoology demo to learn how the platform can help you manage your classroom effectively and connect with other educators. 

Schoology Reviews 

Since its public availability, Schoology has been able to reap many positive reviews against its eclectic service features. It is rated 4.5/5 stars online, in aggregate terms, with users citing its ease of use, comprehensive features, and positive impact on student learning. The software has also been recognized by industry experts as a leading learning management solution.  

You can read a full listing of Schoology reviews in our Review section. 

Our Thoughts 

Schoology is an essential tool for any organization that is committed to providing a high-quality education to its students. Schoology's ease of use, comprehensive features, and positive impact on student learning make it a top choice for educators worldwide. 

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