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Teachmint is a full-service LMS and ERP solution that transforms the learning experience for both teachers and students. It comes with an integrated LMS (Learning Management System) that connects students globally. You can deploy Teachmint ERP for the school’s reputation management, growth, supply chain, operations, commerce, reporting, manufacturing, and human resourcing concerns. The LMS, further, provides automated attendance, reminder, and assignment submission features that allow easy reporting and progress analysis. 

Teachmint software is a comprehensive learning and management platform that provides different dashboards for e-reports, e-certificates, fee management, admission management, and academics management. You can access content management tools for course improvement and test management. This SAAS software is compatible with all web-based, Android, Windows, and IOS devices.  

Key Features 

Hybrid Operating Model 

Hybrid Operating Model allows you to operate classes both online and offline. Teachmint lets you record and share teaching sessions with all students. It enables 2-way engagements during live classes with student/teacher access to different tools and learning features.  

The Teachmint learning models include doubt-solving and guest lecture modules.  

End-to-end School Management 

Smart school management tools allow you to provide end-to-end solutions for all students. They provide seamless opportunities for lesson and assignment planning with integrated calendar and reminder tools. Teachmint, further, facilitates you with fee management, report summaries, and report card generation. You can initiate 2-way communication with teachers, students, parents, and administrations using chat and calling features.  

State-of-the-Art Learning Management System 

As tutors, you can take AI-powered smart tests from students through Teachmint. It provides all users with unlimited file uploads. You can also share personalized study material, videos, and assignments with automated schedules. Teachmint LMS analyzes students’ past performance to calculate incumbent progress levels.  

Teachmint Pricing 

Teachmint LMS pricing starts at $2/year per user.  

Teachmint Demo  

Teachmint software provides a free platform trial for all users. A longstanding unpaid software version, however, is not available. To register your interest, you can request the vendor for a Teachmint demo of the interface’s varied program features. The company, committed to ease of onboarding, provides training to all users through webinars, educational documentation, phone support, a help desk, and 24/7 chat support.  

Teachmint Reviews 

Teachmint has hundreds of happy school management users that have rated the software with flying colors; with subscribers continuing to leave positive reviews on various online platforms.  

When considered in a nutshell, the LMS is an all-in-one teacher and student management software. It provides its users with field trip management, student data management, route optimization, fee management, financial aid management, and E-gradebook features. You can find a number of gushing, authentic Teachmint reviews in our Reviews section.  

Our Thoughts  

Teachmint is a SAAS LMS and ERP for K-12 and private schools and institutions. You can manage all aspects of Application Management, Assessment Management, Communication Management, Curriculum Management, Budget/Forecasting, Bookstore Management, Classroom Management, and Driver Management through the platform’s integrated dashboards. 

Teachmint LMS provides remote access to students for Scheduling, Scoring, GPS allotting, and Location Tracking. Its real-time communication enablement through dedicated Chat, SMS, and Video Conferencing features makes it a must-have online subscription for schooling progress oversight. 

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