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Download the latest EHR best practice resources. Available immediately in pdf.

EHR Underdogs of 2019

Get our top EHR picks for 2019 – vendors with better business practices than yours

EHR Pricing Guide

Get your complete guide to EHR software pricing and costs. Compare pricing of the leading 30+ EHR software companies.

Medical Billing Buyer’s Guide

The comprehensive guide to choosing the best Billing Service for your medical practice.No Technical Jargon. No Complicated ROIs

EHR Vendor Demonstration

A short guide to help you prepare not only for an EHR demonstration but also the critical decision-making phase right after.

Latest Pricing of Top Podiatry EHRs

Like us, do you hate running after EHR vendors just to get a price quote? Despair no more, as we've compiled the latest pricing of top Podiatry EHR vendors in 2019.

Featured Blogs

Download the latest EHR best practice resources. Available immediately in pdf.

7 Things to Know Before Migrating Your Data from Your Old EHR

For anyone considering a move to a new EHR system, here are 7 things to know before considering data migration to a new EHR.

Is Your EHR Company Holding Your Patient Data Hostage?

You may not realize that your EHR vendor is keeping your patient data hostage until the day comes that you want to switch service providers. Do yourself a favor and find it out now.

Switching Your EHR in 2019?

In the world of technology, there is one constant: Change is inevitable. Read through our list of highlights so you can gauge what you really need.

6 Must have cyber security features in your Electronic Health Record System

Over the last few years healthcare industry has been an easy yet lucrative target for cyber hacking. FortiGuard Labs reports that in 2017 healthcare saw an average of almost 32,000 intrusion attacks per day on average per organization as compared to over 14,300 per organization in other industries. This is because of a number of reasons: