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5 Ways to Attract Companies Looking for a Software

To attract the best businesses for your software, you need to offer the complete package:

  • A great tool (obviously)
  • And even better customer service!

In today’s competitive environment, there’s a software out there that does any job one can think of — the markets are saturated to the brim! What makes your software standout and why is it that your software is better than the rest on the market?

All these questions and more are answered in this unique B2B webinar. Listen to Zak Caulin, Software Finder’s Business Development Manager, as he takes us on a journey on how to carefully craft your brand’s story and sell to your niche with ease!


Make your Software stand out

Build Key Features that make your software stand out in a saturated market.

Customer Reviews

Use Customer Reviews to your advantage to create “Social Proof” of your product.

Marketing Strategies

Have a variety of inbound and outbound marketing strategies to get solid leads for your product.

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    Zak Caulin

    Head of Business Development

    Zak Caulin is the Head of Business Development at Software Finder. With over 10 years of Business Development expertise under his belt, Zak has helped forge partnerships with leading software vendors in the industry contributing immensely to company revenue & growth. He has lead cross-functional teams, as well as created numerous business opportunities, and managed existing partnerships at Software Finder.

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