7 Signs You Need to Change Your Project Management Software

Jan 25, 2023

From horrible, all-out, application freezes and blue screens to heart-sinking data wipes, there is MUCH that can go wrong, there’s much that can go wrong when it comes to project management software upgrades. The proactive project manager is the one who not only anticipates all these concerns but also takes effective measures to counteract them. If you aspire to join ‘the ranks’, we have just the webinar for you! In this talk, get crucial software-upgrade-specific insights such as:

  • The importance of PM tools to project oversight/PMP success
  • How PM software can quickly become outdated (and how to source a better alternative or an upgrade)
  • Critical factors to Consider When Pursuing an Upgrade

Listen to Brandon Gill, Director of Sales Strategy and Operations at TrackVia, as he provides practical intel on smoothly getting through a project management tool upgrade - and come out winning!

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Does your PM solution allow easy access or does it hinder you every step of the way in your projects?


If your PM solution cannot easily connect with other systems, it's time to upgrade.


Notifications are an essential PM feature that one cannot go without.

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Learn the key indicators that it's time to switch to a new project management solution and discover how to make the transition smoothly.



Brandon Gill

Director of Sales Strategy and Operations

Brandon Gill is the Director of Sales Strategy and Operations at TrackVia. His teams work with prospects and clients to understand their workflow technology needs and map out the value that TrackVia's technology can provide to customers. Prior to TrackVia, Brandon led Product Management and worked to develop corperate partnerships at Riivos Mining (Formerly Alight Mining Solutions). Brandon holds B.S. in Mining Engineering from Colorado School of Mines.

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