Decoding: EHR Implementation Mistakes Every New Practice Should Avoid 

Mar 02, 2022

Implementing an Electronic Health Record (EHR) is an intense process that involves all staff members. Hence, a learning curve is inevitable and it is only natural for Practice Managers and Practitioners alike to have questions about what the implementation entails and how to position themselves for success.  

Not only do EHRs come in a wide variety, but each EHR also has unique features that cater to specific specialties. Thus, when one finally selects a suitable EHR, the last thing on their mind would be the grueling implementation process.

This webinar covers EHR Implementation and the mistakes you might be making when it comes to: 

  • Scheduling implementation
  • Migration of patient and practice data
  • Creating a user training program
  • EHR testing
  • Defining go-live activities
  • Identifying critical success factors and evaluation strategies
  • Security assessment

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BUY-IN to the project!  If you believe in it, so will the rest of the team. 


You and your staff are a part of the Implementation team and need to show the eagerness in adopting the software.   


Finding errors and bugs is key for the system to work!  The sooner we find them, the sooner we troubleshoot and the quicker you are on your way to using your system without any hiccups.

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Learn the way to implement an EHR successfully without any hiccups today!



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Luke Wolfe 

Implementation Manager at Experity 

Luke Wolfe is the implementation Manager at Experity, a renowned EHR Vendor. He brings over 6 plus years of EMR/EHR implementation experience to the table and has a primary specialty focus in oncology, research and urgent care.  He has worked with a wide array of different sized facilities; from single to multi-site urgent/primary care to large multi-hospital/multi-state organizations. 

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