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Are you considering switching to new electronic health records (EHR) software?

EHR implementation can be a very complex and time-consuming process if you don’t know what to do. More than 55% of EHR implementations fail as a result of poor planning or execution. However, unlike other software, it isn’t advisable to just change your healthcare IT solutions any time you want.

That’s why it’s important to know what you’re getting into before your EHR implementation. A poorly implemented healthcare IT solution comes with short-term and long-term problems that can hinder your ability to deliver quality patient care.

To help you with your EHR implementation, we’ve put together some of the top tips and considerations you should keep in mind.

With any new solution, bear in mind, a learning curve is natural and to be expected. What matters is how you choose to handle it, which we’ll address in this whitepaper.

With the right decisions, you can save time and resources and help prevent staff burnout.

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