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Software Finder recently conducted a survey asking physicians if they found EHR demonstrations helpful in their assessment of electronic health record vendors. Here are some key findings:

  • 48% answered they did not find EHR demos helpful
  • Most agreed that they did not get enough information out of a demo that would help them make an informed choice

Upon asking why that was the case, many agreed that they hadn’t done the leg work before agreeing to a demo.

These statistics aren’t very surprising. But they are problematic, as medical software is an expensive and complex purchase which requires due diligence on the buyer’s part if they want the right software for their organization.

This Whitepaper is a short guide to help you prepare not only for an EHR demonstration but also the critical decision-making phase right after. You will find:

  • Tips to narrow down vendors for demonstrations
  • Critical questions to ask vendors during a demonstration

Bonus: Get a free vendor demonstration Scorecard template for your healthcare organization.

EHR Vendor Demo

What will you find in this Whitepaper?

What Makes a Good Vendor?

Screen your options properly and learn how to identify the right vendor.

Preparing for an EHR Demo (Tips)

Utilize our detailed breakdown of an EHR Demo to ensure you get your questions answered.

Vendor Demonstration Scorecard

Get a FREE scorecard to use during your EHR Demos by downloading this whitepaper.

EHR Demo Card

Download Now

Download for a successful start to your software purchase journey.

About the Authors

Our buying advisors have contributed to this whitepaper to assist you in your buying Journey. All Software Finder consultants have more than five years of experience in the health IT industry. If you need one-on-one help, reach out to us at [email protected].

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