Setting Up a New Medical Practice During COVID-19

Opening a medical practice of your own is a business endeavor, and like any business requires the skill set of building business plans and dealing with an array of people that your medical degree does not cover.

You will find yourself dealing with insurance companies, contractors, banks, lawyers, and HR companies to make crucial decisions about location, payment plans, marketing, and branding strategies, to name a few.

This webinar extensively covers these practical aspects of building a medical practice, from laying the groundwork with a concrete business plan to marketing yourself properly on the right channels.

The webinar includes:

  • How to create a Business plan for your practice
  • Funding considerations
  • Tips for Credentialing & Contracting
  • Marketing Your Practice
  • Resource considerations - Staffing & Technology
  • How much will it cost
Setting Up A New Medical Practice During COVID-19 Watch Webinar Learn More

Create a caring and high-quality practice for your patients

Business Plan Blueprint

Understand the ins and outs with a comprehensive overview of medical practice business plan.

Market on the right Channels

Marketing your medical practice requires the right skills with the right tools on the right platform.

Checklist & Timeframe

Get a walkthrough of what you need to do to set up your practice effectively, broken down month-to-month.

Watch Webinar

Why wait? Watch to get a step closer to setting up your practice.


    Maryann Lambert
    Marketing Manager, EMR Category at Software Finder

    With 10+ years of Health IT consulting & vendor assessment experience under her belt, Maryann is your go-to person for understanding healthcare reform and technology pitfalls. You can connect with Maryann on twitter @MaryannLambrt01

    Crawford Ifland

    Crawford Ifland
    Founder & CEO, Messenger Healthcare Marketing

    Crawford Ifland is the Founder and CEO of Messenger Healthcare Marketing. Messenger is a healthcare marketing agency specializing in custom healthcare website design, SEO, paid advertising campaigns, promotional videos, and more.

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