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5 Steps for Easy Credentialing for a New Medical Practice

Opening a new health care practice takes time, patience, money, and perseverance. Like starting any new business, there are hundreds of tasks that need completing to get ready to open your doors.

Healthcare practices, however, have their own set of unique requirements that place an additional burden on the practitioner; credentialing is one of them. Without it, it would be difficult to ensure quality healthcare or get paid for services rendered to your patients.

Despite its importance, It’s one of the many slow-to-evolve processes in medicine that remains extraordinarily complex and confusing.

This webinar covers credentialing in a holistic manner along with a walkthrough of the credentialing process.

  • Learning about the intricacies behind provider enrollment.
  • What do successful practices do differently?
  • Should you outsource or do it yourself?
5 steps for easy credentialing

Simplify Credentialing in easy to follow steps.

Know Where To Start!

Credentialing is a complex process but a definitive plan of action can go a long way in helping you manage it properly.

Important Resources & Websites

Know the ins & outs of credentialing before you start so that you keep one step head throughout the credentialing process.

How to Follow-Up?

The real challenge is to periodically follow-up on your credentialing application. Learn how to do it in this webinar.

Credentialing for New Medical Practice

Watch Webinar

Why wait? Watch to get a step closer to setting up your practice.


    Patricia Sardinha

    Patricia Sardinha
    Owner – Medical Billing & Consulting Services

    With 20 years of experience in Healthcare Administration and Consulting Services, Patricia brings a combination of expertise and experience in Medical Billing that few can match. As a Certified Professional Coder (CPC), she has helped numerous medical practices streamline their account receivables and billing. She is also the President of the AAPC Bridgeport Chapter.

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