Smartsheet Vs ClickUp: Unveiling the Best Project Management Solution Of 2024

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An Overview of Smartsheet Vs ClickUp

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In the bustling bazaar of project management solutions, Smartsheet and ClickUp stand tall as the dynamic duo of productivity. It is crucial to use project management that can keep up with the shifting trends of the industry.

Smartsheet and ClickUp meet the standards and offer a variety of tools that can be used to streamline recurring tasks, collaboration, and deadlines.

However, since both of them are two of the top names, it is challenging to decide which software fits your company can be challenging. This blog will resolve that issue by discussing key features, differences, pricing options, and more, enabling you to choose between Smartsheet and ClickUp.


Smartsheet is your go-to solution for all things collaboration solution, combining spreadsheet simplicity with advanced project management tools. It integrates the best of Microsoft Excel and Trello into one sleek, customizable platform. Teams collaborate in real-time, track progress, and automate tasks with features like Gantt charts and Kanban boards.

ClickUp is not just another project management tool; it's an all-in-one productivity platform. Designed for maximum efficiency, ClickUp brings together powerful features and a user-friendly interface. It consolidates everything you need to manage your work in one place.


From task and subtask creation to reminder setup, time tracking, and even goal setting, ClickUp encompasses every aspect of your workflow. And the most impressive aspect? Its customizable views enable you to seamlessly transition between List, Board, Box, and Calendar views, granting you the ability to visualize your work exactly as you prefer.

But hold on, that's not all! ClickUp additionally offers an integrated chat feature, bidding farewell to cumbersome email threads and embracing effortless communication.

What Do They Have In Common?

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Collaboration Tools

Both Smartsheet and ClickUp excel in promoting collaboration within teams. These platforms are specifically crafted to unite team members, guaranteeing alignment and concerted efforts towards shared objectives. With features such as real-time updates, @mentions, and comment sections, these tools facilitate seamless task discussions, idea sharing, and feedback provision among team members.


Smartsheet and ClickUp understand the importance of catering to individual needs and proudly showcase their expertise in customization. Both platforms present a diverse range of views to effectively visualize your projects, encompassing List, Board, Gantt charts, and Calendar options. Whether you gravitate towards the familiar and reliable Kanban board or lean towards the organized structure of a Gantt chart, these tools ensure that all your preferences are accommodated.

Smartsheet Vs ClickUp-Commom Features


Integration is the name of the game, and when it comes to playing it, Smartsheet and ClickUp are true masters. These project management giants offer an extensive range of integrations, enabling seamless connections with popular applications such as Google Workspace, Slack, Dropbox, and numerous others. Bid farewell to the hassle of juggling multiple tools and welcome a streamlined workflow with open arms!


Smartsheet and ClickUp recognize the value of time and have enhanced their automation capabilities accordingly. These platforms provide powerful automation features that enable you to save time and minimize manual tasks. Whether it’s automating task assignments or triggering notifications, these tools guarantee that your team can concentrate on what truly counts – accomplishing tasks efficiently!

Power Of Each Project Manager: Smartsheet Vs ClickUp Differences

Here are the features that make them stand out:

Smartsheet: The Spreadsheet Sorcerer

The true strength of Smartsheet lies in its unique capacity to seamlessly integrate the user-friendly and familiar aspects of spreadsheets with the robust functionalities found in project management tools. It is the ideal solution for teams seeking both customization and advanced capabilities.

Through its grid-based interface, Smartsheet empowers users to effortlessly generate diverse project views such as Gantt charts, Kanban boards, and even card views. This platform is a powerhouse when it comes to automating tasks, establishing dependencies, and effectively managing resources.

To sum it up, if you are part of a data-driven team that thrives on manipulating spreadsheets to tackle intricate projects, Smartsheet could very well become your ultimate weapon of choice.

ClickUp: The All-In-One Avenger

ClickUp, on the other hand, can be seen as the Swiss army knife of productivity platforms. Its primary objective is to consolidate all work-related aspects into a single space, thereby facilitating seamless collaboration, communication, and organization for teams.

Clickup Dashboard

What distinguishes ClickUp from others is its unwavering focus on simplicity and user experience. It presents a range of customizable views, such as List, Board, Box, and Calendar, enabling users to effortlessly visualize their work according to their personal preferences.

Furthermore, ClickUp provides an integrated chat feature, eliminating the necessity for never-ending email chains and promoting fluid communication within teams. However, it is essential not to underestimate its simplicity.

ClickUp is teeming with potent features, including time tracking, goal setting, and even native automation. If you seek an all-in-one solution that is both user-friendly and adept at ensuring team synchronization, ClickUp stands poised to come to the rescue!

The Showdown: Smartsheet Vs ClickUp

While Smartsheet and ClickUp are both strong contenders in the project management field, the ultimate decision depends on the specific needs and preferences of your team.

If you excel at working with spreadsheets and prefer a highly customizable platform with advanced features, Smartsheet will provide a familiar environment for you. On the other hand, if your team values user-friendliness and desires an all-in-one platform that prioritizes collaboration, ClickUp might be the ideal solution.

Regardless of which side you choose in this epic battle, one thing remains certain: both Smartsheet and ClickUp have the potential to enhance your team’s productivity and enable you to conquer the world of project management! So, fellow project warriors, prepare yourselves and let the best tool emerge victorious!

Integrations: Smartsheet Vs ClickUp

The option to integrate with third-party apps helps you enhance your project management software. Take a look at the integration options offered by Smartsheet and ClickUp.

Uncover ClickUp’s Power With

  • Slack
  • GitHub
  • OneDrive
  • Dropbox
  • Loom
  • YouTube
  • Google Assistant, and many more

Reveal Smartsheet’s Potential With

  • Lucidspark
  • HubSpot
  • Outlook
  • DocuSign
  • Zapier
  • Google Forms
  • Git

Featured Clients: Spreadsheet Vs ClickUp

Smartsheet Is Trusted By…

  • Getty Images
  • Zoom
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Portillo’s
  • The Ohio State University

Smartsheet Clientele

ClickUp Is Trusted By…

  • Stanely Security
  • Samsung
  • NPR
  • Foxtel, among a variety of others

What Do Users Think?

Smartsheet Reviews

Users think that Smartsheet is the “best way to manage sheets.” Given the fact that Smartsheet aims to combine spreadsheets with the power of project management tools, it’s no wonder that users are smitten with its sheet-slinging prowess.

Being able to “manage different details on a single platform” is another appreciated quality. Smartsheet excels at consolidating various project components, from tasks and deadlines to resources and budgets.

Smartsheet is also appreciated for being “customizable and accessible.” Smartsheet caters to diverse team preferences and workflows with its myriad features and user-friendly interface.

For all its strengths, Smartsheet still needs to improve its mobile application.

Smartsheet Rating

  • G2: 4.4/5
  • Software Advice: 4.5/5
  • Get App: 4.5/5

ClickUp Reviews

Users who manage team projects really appreciate that ClickUp has “improved their communication and collaboration.” It has a centralized platform where teams can discuss tasks, share ideas, and provide feedback.

ClickUp allows users to “customize every detail of their workspace.” Its extensive range of customizable views, such as List, Board, Box, and Calendar, caters to different work styles and preferences.

It is also a “versatile tool with the power to manage different details.” ClickUp’s robust feature set allows users to manage projects, from task creation and assignment to time tracking and goal-setting.

As reported by users, a possible setback of the software is that it has a steep learning curve.

ClickUp Rating

  • G2: 4.7/5
  • Software Advice: 4.5/5
  • Get App: 4.7/5

What Is Missing? Smartsheet Vs ClickUp Limitations

While Smartsheet has won hearts with its spreadsheet sorcery, there are a few areas where it falters:

    1. The Learning Curve: Though Smartsheet aims to be user-friendly, some users find that mastering its advanced features can be a tad overwhelming. It takes time and patience to become a Smartsheet virtuoso, so newbies may need to roll up their sleeves and embrace the learning curve.
    2. Mobile App: While Smartsheet excels in terms of its desktop experience, there is still some room for improvement when it comes to its mobile app. Some users have encountered occasional performance hiccups and limited functionality compared to the desktop version, which can pose challenges for productivity on the go.

SmartSheet Mobile App

3. Feature Overload: ClickUp’s extensive feature set can be both a blessing and a curse. Some users may find themselves overwhelmed by the sheer number of options available, leading to a cluttered workspace and potential analysis paralysis.

Worth Your Dime? Pricing Plans

When choosing the perfect project management software, pricing is one crucial factor that sways the decision. Check out your options.


Smartsheet’s pricing structure caters to teams of all sizes and budgets. Here’s a quick breakdown of their plans:

  1. Individual Plan: $14, per month, with basic features
  2. Business Plan: $25 per month, with additional features like custom branding, activity logs, and access to premium apps and integrations.
  3. Enterprise Plan: For larger organizations with more complex needs, the Enterprise Plan offers advanced features like single sign-on (SSO), custom user provisioning, and dedicated customer support. Pricing for this plan is available upon request.

Let our sales team customize a pricing plan – click on Get Pricing.


ClickUp’s pricing model is designed to accommodate teams of all shapes and sizes, with options to suit every budget:

  1. Free Forever Plan: Perfect for small teams or those just dipping their toes into the project management pool, ClickUp’s Free Forever Plan offers unlimited tasks and users, along with 100MB of storage space.
  2. Unlimited Plan: $5 per month. The Unlimited Plan gives you access to unlimited integrations, dashboards, custom fields, and more, making it a great option for growing teams.
  3. Business Plan: $9 per month. The Business Plan unlocks advanced features like custom exporting, time tracking, and goal setting, making it ideal for teams that require more extensive functionality.
  4. Enterprise Plan: Tailored to large organizations with unique needs, the Enterprise Plan provides advanced security, priority support, and custom onboarding. Pricing details are available on request.

The Bottom Line: Smartsheet Or ClickUp?

In conclusion, the battle between Smartsheet and ClickUp presents us with two outstanding contenders in the realm of project management. Smartsheet impresses with its magical spreadsheet capabilities, delivering advanced features and customizable options that perfectly suit data-driven teams.

SmartSheet vs Clickup-Final Verdict

On the contrary, ClickUp emerges as the ultimate all-in-one hero, boasting a user-friendly interface, seamless collaboration, and an extensive range of productivity tools. However, if you feel conflicted, you can call us at  661-384-7070.

The final decision still belongs to you!