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Stakeholder Negotiation Hacks for Medical Practices in 2023

A new practice comes with many growing pains and challenges. One needs to negotiate with several stakeholders before a breakthrough. This webinar will cover how to successfully negotiate several aspects to make the venture a little easier:  

  • An EHR Vendor Provider and EHR Contract 
  • Medical Billing Vendors  
  • Credentialing Authorities
  • Purchasing Medical Real Estate  

Learn from Zak Caulin, an Industry Leader in Physician Strategic Planning and Operations, on how you can navigate the murky waters of starting your own practice and set yourself up for success when it comes to contracts, financial constraints and more.


Renting > Buying

Renting medical office space is better for smaller practices. More bang for your buck.

EHR Software Can Make or Break your Practice

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) can vary for both on-premise & cloud EHR.

Read Every Contract Detail

Know your rights on: patient confidentiality, ownership of data, warranties and limitations of liability.

Watch Webinar

Learn the way to implement an EHR successfully without any hiccups today!




    Zak Caulin 

    Head of Business Development

    Zak Caulin is the Head of Business Development at Software Finder. He’s worked as a Medical Practice Management Consultant for 15 years, where his areas of expertise ranged from physician practice strategic planning, compliance planning, revenue cycle management, and operations management. As the Head of Business Development, Zak has lead cross-functional teams, as well as created numerous business opportunities, and managed existing partnerships at Software Finder.

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