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Telehealth Toolkit For Physicians

Telehealth has seen a drastic increase over the past two months due to COVID-19. As CMS pushes for its adoption, there is considerable confusion regarding legislature, flexibilities, and reimbursement for telehealth services.

Software Finder Telehealth Toolkit will try to answer all your questions regarding the adoption of Telemedicine during COVID-19 and beyond.

Feel free to download our free resources. In case there are questions, please send an email to our resident telehealth experts at [email protected], and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Adopting Telemedicine During COVID-19 Webinar Series

Webinar 1: How to successfully implement Telemedicine in your practice for COVID-19

Learn about:

• Latest directives from CMS, private insurers, and DEA regarding Telemedicine

• A regulatory environment expanding or prohibiting the use of telehealth technology by providers

• Tips for documenting telehealth visits

• Steps for successful implementation

Webinar 2: Getting Paid for Telemedicine during COVID-19 and beyond

Learn about:

• Coding for a Telemedicine Visit

• Coding Tips and Billing Case Studies

• Case Study for Documentation

• E-prescribing a controlled substance through Telemedicine

Webinar 3: 5 Tips to Build a Successful Telehealth Practice

Learn about:

• What are some of the standard operating procedures and protocols that can be implemented for a successful telehealth model?

• How do you choose and manage the right technology?

• What are some of the clinical/documentation considerations you need to make?

• How do you maximize reimbursement?

Top Telemedicine platforms & their pricing

Are you looking to adopt telemedicine software in your practice?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can provide telehealth services?​

During COVID-19, there are no changes to the list of eligible professionals under Medicare. You can learn more through our webinar.

What are the flexibilities for the adoption of Telemedicine under COVID-19?

  • Coverage for more services under Medicare.
  • Payment parity for in-office and telehealth visit by Medicare & some private insurers.
  • The originating site requirement has lifted. You can now see a patient in the comfort of their homes.
  • The established patient requirement has been removed temporarily. You can extend this service to both new and existing patients during COVID-19.
  • Non-HIPAA compliant solutions such as Face-time can be used during the emergency.
  • The DAE is allowing the prescription of controlled substances via telehealth technology.

How much will you get paid for televisit?

Medicare, some private insurers, and most states have announced payment parity for telehealth during the COVID-19 emergency.

What are the flexibilities for the adoption of Telemedicine under COVID-19?

No, under Medicare and most private insurers there is a distinction between:

  1. Televisit: audio and video conferencing between a provider & patient.
  2. E-visit: Secure email communication between patient and provider.
  3. Virtual check-in: A telephone call between a patient and a provider usually initiated by the patient.

The reimbursement amounts, documentation, and regulations associated with these are different. Please watch our webinar to learn more.

What is the guidance on getting patient consent for telemedicine visits?

Each state and insurer has its own guidelines on patient consent. While some require proper documentation of consent before each visit, others are allowing for one time verbal or written consent to be documented once. Please get in touch with your malpractice insurer to learn more.

How should I document for a televisit?

Do what you would for an in-office visit for the same E/M code. Documentation will be vitally important in getting maximum reimbursement.

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