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It has never been more important and easier to adopt telemedicine services in your practice.

Telehealth is in the spotlight due to COVID-19. Most experts agree that it is a viable solution that will reduce unwanted exposure of both patients and medical professionals to the virus. To pave the way for its adoption, the government, health insurers, and Health IT vendors have introduced several measures:

  • CMS has expanded telehealth services for Medicare beneficiaries temporarily. It means medical providers will get paid for providing telehealth services to Medicare patients across the country.
  • The condition of establishing person-to-person contact, at least once, before prescribing controlled substances through a virtual visit has been lifted during a public emergency.
  • OCR, the privacy watchdog, won’t impose penalties on providers who use non-HIPAA-compliant remote communications technology during a public health emergency.
  • Several EMR vendors have agreed to provide free-of-cost telehealth services with accelerated setup and implementation to providers.
  • All leading Health Insurers have agreed to cover telehealth services during COVID-19.

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