Top 3 Project Management Tools for the Construction Industry 

Big or small, every project has a lot of moving parts. There are portfolios to manage, budgets to plan, and timelines that need to be set. Spreadsheets can only get you so far when you have a multitude of factors to align and deadlines to meet. 

Project management tools equip you with a suite of features that help streamline your workflows, keep track of all your resources, and ensure that you achieve every milestone. 

The problem with picking a project management tool is that there are just way too many options out there. Each tool claims to be the best at what it does and offers a plethora of features. All these options can make picking the right project management tool feel like a project on its own. 

We’ve surveyed the market and drawn a feature comparison of the top 3 project management tools that meet all the requirements of companies operating in the construction industry. 

Here’s an overview of the key points in our whitepaper: 

  • A comparison of each tool’s features 
  • How to choose the right tool for your business size (based on industry research) 
  • Updated price plans for each tool
  • Pros and cons 

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