What Makes OneTouch EMR Ideal For Your Practice?

OneTouch is a medical software solution that provides remote electronic medical record management and tools to ensure an efficient workflow for physicians. Developed by doctors for doctors, this software targets hospitals looking to reduce their medical claims processing and administrative workload. OneTouch EMR does this by enabling multiple offices and practices to collaborate on patient care information and billing. Find out below what makes OneTouch ideal for medical practitioners:

OneTouch EMR Features

OneTouch is available to physicians of various specialties, including general practitioners, family practitioners, surgeons, emergency and trauma care physicians, psychiatrists and psychologists, etc. Below are some of its top-rated features:


OneTouch EMR software provides its users the ease of a virtual assistant to perform tedious administrative tasks. Administrative tasks include billing, scheduling appointments, data entry, charting, prescribing, appointment reminders, web analytics, coding, and web-page editing. This feature is beneficial for all kinds of medical practices. In addition, the OneTouch billing software supports multiple offices and multiple practice locations. This feature allows practices with multiple offices to seamlessly and efficiently communicate with each other on patient billing.

E-Payment Processing 

OneTouch EMR supports e-payment processing. It can help users organize files and collate them based on the claim amounts, dates of service, authorization, and CPT codes. This also allows the user to code reimbursement payment information to avoid making mistakes on the reimbursement claim. In addition, users can easily update the claims on the electronic medical record.

Practice Management System

The OneTouch EMR practice management system provides multiple offices with web access. This web access allows these offices to view and coordinate with one another. For example, suppose a OneTouch EMR practitioner uses a Web portal. In that case, a medical biller at one office can update the claim on the website with a simple mouse click. Similarly, multiple offices can view the same claim on the same web portal. All that is required is that the claim manager authorize them to view the same.

Software Compatibility

OneTouch is easy to install and use. It uses the Windows CE operating system, certified as safe for software. The practice management system of this top EMR software is compatible with many applications, including Microsoft Office Suites such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. In addition, it is also compatible with most popular web browsers, including Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Explorer. To make the most out of it for your practice, you can request the user-friendly OneTouch EMR demo.

Daily Reporting 

This top-rated EMR software automatically calculates the billable and non-billable patient figures, as well as the balance on the account. In addition, the practice management system reports daily the number of new and closed accounts and the total number of patients seen daily. Thus, OneTouch enables a physician to monitor the ongoing status of their patients and their claims.


OneTouch EMR is an all-rounder in the world of electronic medical record solutions, with tools and features that are comprehensive, intuitive, and customizable for practitioners with specific vision and needs. While most EMR softwares require some time to get used to, OneTouch sets itself apart by being self-explanatory and highly user-friendly. So if you are looking for ease of use and flexibility around work, OneTouch is the way to go!

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