Which Mental Health EMR Best For Psychiatric Practice?

Nov 11, 2021

With a worldwide surge in mental illnesses, it is necessary now more than ever to ensure appropriate and timely care is provided to those suffering. An Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software is one way that systematizes crucial patient information and guarantees swift treatments.

Psychiatry EMR Software

Before investing in the best EMR for psychiatry practices, knowing what an EMR system is essential. A psychiatry EMR software digitizes medical records and histories of patients and enables medical professionals to organize their administrative processes. In addition, an EMR explicitly designed for psychiatrists features templates of common mental illnesses for quicker evaluation, clinical note-taking, e-prescribing, virtual consultations, and appointment scheduling.  

Top Psychiatry EMR Software


As the name implies, this EMR system aims to simplify the lives of wellness professionals by offering special administrative tools. Through this EMR, you can schedule appointments, process bills, and establish communication with patients. Medics can carry out initial assessments of patients through their history and symptoms. Then, they can make notes of their analysis and easily share them with other team members.  

It maximizes convenience for medical professionals since it is cloud-based, and you can access the portal from practically anywhere in the world. It also provides practitioners with a mobile application for iOS and Android devices to remotely manage business activities. This EMR software is best suited for mid-sized entities and offers a monthly subscription for the services provided.  

10 to 8 Kareo EHR

This EMR software is applicable for any psychiatry facility, irrespective of how small or large it is. If you have to deal with numerous appointments daily, this EMR is perfect. 10to8 offers advanced scheduling and booking features where clients can plan visiting times of patients.  

You can send reminders via text or email to patients of their scheduled timings. In addition, reporting tools allow admins to see at a glance unconfirmed appointments or unpaid services. The dashboard of 10to8 EMR is highly customizable, and you can tweak it to maximize benefits. Just like SimplePractise, 10to8 charges are monthly.

Kareo EHR

Kareo EHR is on our list of the best EMRs for psychiatry providers because of its low cost and less installation time. This EMR is highly flexible, and you can use it not only for psychiatry practices but also for family medicine, pediatrics, cardiology, and more. Kareo Clinical is a well-seasoned EMR software loved and preferred by many mainly because it is extremely easy to use. Everyone can get hands-on with the dashboard with little to no training. This EMR allows its clients to schedule appointments, prescribe medicines, process bill payments, and develop easily shareable notes. 

Bottom Line

Considering the sensitive nature of psychiatric medical records, it is vital that wellness providers incorporate EMRs in their processes to ensure prompt care is given and patients are facilitated across each stage of treatment. Each EMR mentioned is worthy of a crown; they save time, encourage the error-free exchange of information and maximize convenience for patients. To evaluate which EMR is best suited to your needs, you need to schedule a demo and assess it in real-time.