CHAMPS software goes beyond traditional maintenance management systems by offering a comprehensive platform that empowers organizations to manage their maintenance operations effectively. With its streamlined features and user-friendly interface, CHAMPS provides powerful tools to optimize asset life cycles while reducing costs.

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What Is CHAMPS Software?


CHAMPS software is an advanced computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) that empowers organizations to optimize maintenance operations and boost productivity. Developed by CHAMPS Inc., it facilitates effective equipment and asset management. It's a fully accessible, cloud-based CMMS that automates tasks and tracks equipment and assets. With its ease of use and minimal training requirements, it's designed to suit the unique inventory management and maintenance processes of different organizations.


What Is CHAMPS Software Best For?

CHAMPS is best known for its configurable and flexible nature, allowing users to customize maintenance and asset management solutions. The comprehensive solution includes lockout/tagout, project tracking, and permits, helping maximize asset life cycles.

CHAMPS Software Pricing

Here are some potential factors that could influence the CHAMPS cost:
  • Features/functionality
  • User/license volume
  • Customization/integration requirements

CHAMPS Software Integrations

The vendor has not specified CHAMPS to integrate with third-party software.

How Does CHAMPS Software Work?

Once CHAMPS has been implemented, the following steps can be followed to use the software:

  • Log into your CHAMPS account
  • Navigate the dashboard to access various features
  • Set up your organization's equipment and assets in the system
  • Automate tasks and set reminders for regular and preventive maintenance activities
  • Utilize mobile work management solutions for on-the-go updates
  • Leverage the lockout/tagout feature for safety compliance
  • Use the project tracking feature to monitor maintenance projects
  • Generate reports to assess the effectiveness of your asset tracking and maintenance program
Watch a CHAMPS demo to learn more about how it optimizes asset management.

Who Is CHAMPS Software For?

CHAMPS is designed for large enterprises seeking to improve asset performance and the effectiveness of their maintenance programs. It is used across a variety of industries and sectors, including:

  • Manufacturing
  • Energy
  • Amusement parks
  • Public works

Is CHAMPS Software Right For You?

If your business requires a robust maintenance management system that not only streamlines tasks but also helps increase productivity, then CHAMPS is a good choice. The technologically advanced solution is particularly beneficial for enterprise-level organizations across various sectors needing to manage vast arrays of equipment, assets, and business processes. The software's cloud-based nature allows seamless access anytime, anywhere, making it ideal for businesses with mobile workforces. Regarding security, CHAMPS ensures data protection through its secure cloud-based infrastructure and complies with industry-standard protocols.

Interested customers should also read CHAMPS reviews to see how the software benefits existing users. Call Software Finder at (661) 384-7070 for more details.

CHAMPS Software Features

Manage equipment information such as specifications, maintenance history, and work orders. The feature enables you to generate reports to analyze equipment performance and maintenance costs. The tool aims to keep equipment, facilities, and other assets in optimal operating condition via regular maintenance scheduling to prevent breakdowns and equipment failure.

Your maintenance team can respond quickly to urgent maintenance needs and ensure that maintenance activities are completed promptly and efficiently. It allows for easy reporting of issues or requests for maintenance services via request submission, request approval, and work order creation.

This feature maintains personnel information, including contact information, skills, certifications, and training records. It allows you to assign personnel to specific work orders based on their skills and availability.

Effortlessly manage the specifications and technical details of equipment and assets. The tool seamlessly links work orders, job plans, and maintenance tasks.

This tool ensures you can organize inventory digitally. Users can track spare parts and manage reorders, issues/returns, material requests, and physical inventory to keep systems running smoothly.

This feature facilitates the generation of purchase requests, purchase orders, blanket POs, vendor quotes, and vendor price lists. It aims to streamline the purchasing process, ensuring that suitable materials are purchased at the right time to avoid stockouts.

Pros and Cons of CHAMPS Software


  • Includes a wide range of advanced capabilities
  • Comes with quick implementation and ease of use
  • Optimizes the life cycles of capital assets
  • Cloud-based infrastructure


  • No API access
  • Not ideal for small businesses
  • Reporting feature could improve

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It is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

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