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CHAMPS is CMMS software designed to meet the work maintenance requirements of midsize and enterprise-level organizations. This instrument optimizes the lifecycle of capital assets in real time by mastering the asset management aspect. CHAMPS software provides customizable project management solutions backed by years of industry experience. It extends its capabilities to the workflow engine and navigation while retaining its inherent adaptability. 

This impressive suite of customizable services is therefore suited to the requirements of all businesses. Additionally, its inventory management and analytic dashboard add to its significance. In addition, the CHAMPS enterprise asset management solution facilitates efficient business operations with its integrated project management and equipment calibration capabilities. 

Champs SoftwareFeatures

Work Order Management

CHAMPS Project Management is a dependable and technologically advanced solution that supports the scalability needs of businesses. Its work order system facilitates this by streamlining the entire procedure and ensuring minimal interruptions. The best aspect of this system is its compatibility with mobile devices, which multiplies workforce productivity. This CMMS software's work order processing capabilities include the following: 

  • Work Order 
  • Work Request 
  • Calendar View 
  • BOM 
  • Preventive Services 
  • Job Plan 
  • PM Task List 
  • Meters 
  • meter routes 

Inventory Control

Inventory management is the most difficult aspect of the project life cycle. This aspect of project management is handled flawlessly by CHAMPS's comprehensive inventory management module. Managing the stock market is a breeze with CHAMPS by your side. It comprehends the needs of businesses and processes inventory accordingly, providing the subsequent services: 

Inventory management

  • Stock Reordering 
  • Distribution/return of goods 
  • Receiving material 
  • Material Request 
  • Physical stocktaking 


With its exemplary mobile application, CHAMPS mobilizes the workforce. The mobile workforce management solution works to ensure the quality of projects by providing clients with access to vital data. The mobile application for CHAMPS enterprise asset management solutions is comprehensive and specializes in field team management. It allows customers to: 

  • Capture Geolocation data 
  • Assign Tasks 
  • Add Timesheets 
  • Operate Offline 
  • Explore the KPI Dashboard 
  • Scannable Barcode Technology 
  • Documents Approval 

CHAMPS Pricing

The CHAMPS CMMS software has not yet disclosed its pricing strategy. However, the cost of CHAMPS can be obtained by contacting the vendor. 


For clients interested in evaluating the services, CHAMPS provides a complimentary demonstration. In addition, CHAMPS software requests specific business information from clients in order to create a customized demonstration. Therefore, cleats can be closely observed if they align with their long-term objectives. 

CHAMPS Reviews

Companies adore CHAMPS' client-centric pricing structure. According to the reviews, it is a cost-effective solution. Additionally, its user-friendly interface and robust reporting module receive the most praise. According to the reviews, CHAMPS increases the productivity of businesses by providing a variety of tools and services. The predictive maintenance and geolocation capabilities of this invaluable tool optimize the workflow stream. 

Our Thoughts

Indeed, the CHAMPS project management solution is a champion, packed with alluring features. By utilizing this vendor, organizations can elevate their services with increased productivity and minimal friction in the work flow. In addition, CHAMPS demonstrates that it is the best enterprise asset management solution through its technologically advanced equipment tracking services. 

CHAMPS Software Features


Access Controls/Permissions


Budget Management


Data Import/Export


Employee Management


Milestone Tracking


Planning Tools


Strategic Planning


Task Managementt


Visual Workflow Management


Workflow Management


Process Modeling & Designing


Real Time Reporting


Timeline Management


Activity Tracking


Remote Support

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does CHAMPS software support an API?

No, CHAMPS does not have an API available.

How does CHAMPS software work?

CHAMPS Software is a flexible, configurable, and comprehensive solution. It included advanced qualities, i.e., raise productivity, decrease price, grow asset lifeline, manage maintenance, and track the timetable of the employee.

What is CHAMPS software used for?

It optimizes asset management and maintenance processes to maximize asset life cycles. With quick implementation and ease of use, organizations can expect to be up and running in record time.

What level of support does CHAMPS software offer?

CHAMPS offers the following support options: Email/Help Desk, Chat, Phone Support, Knowledge Base, and 24/7 Live Rep.

What other apps does CHAMPS software integrate with?

There is no information available about the app that CHAMPS software integrates with. To obtain the information, contact the support team.

What types of pricing plans does CHAMPS software offer?

To learn more about CHAMPS pricing plans, click on ‘Get Pricing’ to get a custom quote.

Who are the typical users of CHAMPS software?

CHAMPS has the following typical customers: Freelancers, public administrations, non-profits, small businesses, mid-sized businesses, and large enterprises.

CHAMPS Software Pricing

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Large Organization

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CHAMPS Software reviews

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