5 Cost-effective Features of Epic EMR System

Epic is a web-based EMR system that serves a variety of healthcare specialties. Epic EMR software, founded in 1979, provides innovative healthcare solutions to clinicians from more than 30 specialties. This system, among other medical professions, serves the needs of community hospitals, academic medical facilities, rehab centers, and retail clinics. Currently, more than 250 million patients’ records are secure with Epic EMR software.  

In addition, Epic EMR is a cloud-based system. Therefore, you can use the software from any location and anytime if you have an active internet connection. As a result, you will have less need to invest in expensive gear.

Significant Features of Epic EMR System


Specialty-Specific Templates

Epic EMR offers healthcare solutions that meet the demands of doctors from more than 30 different specialties. These specializations include everything from behavioral health to dermatology to emergency care. Templates and materials have been built individually for each specialty.  

In addition, specialty-specific material was prepared in consultation with professionals in the appropriate field to ensure doctors are equipped with the tools they genuinely require.

Financial Management

A medical practice’s financial function is just as vital as its clinical function. Patients benefit from paperless billing, online payments, self-service payment, pre-payments based on expected figures, and financial aid, making the billing process simple.  

The epic EMR cost is inexpensive so You can also recommend cost-effective treatments to patients based on the clinical and financial decision support tool. This results in a win-win situation for both patients and providers. 


Patients have found it challenging to access hospitals and clinics as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Epic EMR offers telehealth functionality to address this issue. You can use this tool to conduct virtual consultations with patients from anywhere in the world the epic EMR Demo will help you to know how it can be used. These virtual appointments are accessible to patients via the MyChart interface. 

Because the EMR software is HIPAA compliant, neither practitioners nor patients need to be concerned about losing information to hackers through security breaches.

Online Patient Portal

MyChart is Epic EMR software’s patient communication and convenience portal. It is available online or as a mobile app for Android and iOS. Patients can use the portal to contact doctors, read discharge summaries, arrange appointments, access educational content, and complete questionnaires. 

Furthermore, potential patients can use MyChart to schedule online appointments at a time and day that is convenient for them. 

Electronic Prescription

The e-Prescription feature in Epic medical records software allows you to write prescriptions online that your patients can pick up from any nearby drugstore. Aside from that, this feature searches for potentially harmful drug interactions and warns users promptly, making it a helpful tool. 

Electronic prescription technology, according to users, is convenient, as patients may receive prescriptions from the comfort of their own homes. 


Using the best EMR system, you can benefit from several cost-effective features that can help you optimize your workflow. You can focus on your patients as the software handles all your tasks.

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