Eclinicalworks EMR v11.50

You’re sitting in your practice, checking your first appointment of the day with your EMR software, which allows you to manage more than 25 patients daily, automate workflows, and streamline clinical tasks. If you think about it, that’s pretty amazing, right? No doubt, as a practitioner, you want to make your life as easy as it gets by removing tedious and redundant tasks. Even though your current EMR software does all that, it doesn’t mean it can’t be improved. Want to know how? Just ask eClinicalWorks EMR users with the new v11.50 update. While eClinicalWorks EMR has had some of the industry’s leading innovations such as Eva (a virtual assistant), and Healow (telehealth system), it’s about to get even better with the new update.  At present, not every practice has upgraded to the latest eClinicalWorks v11.50; those who have, are more than delighted to see the new changes it brings to the table. In fact, more than 90% of the users say they are very pleased with the latest update.

Why Does eClinicalWorks v11.50 Matter?

If the past year is any indication, the world of medicine is ever-changing. So if medicine and healthcare can’t stay the same, why should EMR software do so? Over the year, almost every EMR vendor in the market has had to adapt to changes the pandemic brought. Although many vendors like eClinicalWorks were able to catch up to these quick changes, the race isn’t quite over yet. To ensure you can maintain a high standard of healthcare, eCW EMR focuses on creative and innovative ways to further simplify your tasks. Their mission holds true now more than ever, to redefine what is possible – and expected – in the healthcare IT industry. eCW v11.50 is designed to further bridge the gap between patients and physicians and maximize positive patient outcomes. 

Redefined User Experience

Sure the new visually appealing design is one of the unique aspects in eCW v11.50, but that’s not all. Over the past year, eCW collected valuable user feedback and reviews and used them to create a better engagement experience for their physicians and their patients.  For instance, one of the major problems that users reported was the lack of intuitive menus. If you’re working on one menu and you needed to open another, you’d have to close the first one and then open the other one. If you’re a physician who doesn’t like lengthy note-taking processes, this is bound to irritate. However, the new eCW v11.50 offers a far more engaging experience based on their user needs.

Unparalleled Patient Security

As a practitioner, what’s the one thing you’d never want to compromise on? Patient safety and confidentiality, of course. To ensure your patient information stays between you and your patients, eCW v11.50 comes equipped with a Patient Safety and Compliance Dashboard. Here you can view more than 150+ Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to keep an eye on your practice’s security protocol. In addition, if any part of their system or any external communicating system stops working, you would get an immediate notification. With these timely notifications, you can diagnose the problem and fix it before it causes any damage to your digital infrastructure. Thus, ensuring that your flow of information remains secure and undisturbed.

Improved Patient Records

eCW v11.50 has also added Patient Identifiers on each page of your patient records. I know you might be asking, “What are Patient Identifiers?”. The short answer would be that patient identifiers are an additional safeguard to ensure your patient information isn’t misidentified or mishandled.  You can also add special characters while making changes to or adding patient records.  One of the most acknowledged features in eCW v11.50 are data truncation alerts when you’re drawing close to your character limits. This remarkable feature helps maintain clarity in your patient records without worrying about the character limit.

Pre-Coded Allergens

One of the most beneficial additions for immunologists is the pre-coded allergens. Rather than having to type the names of allergens, you can now select them from a drop-down menu. Also, you can also detect any inaccurately coded allergens in your previous patient records as well.

eClinicalWorks v11.50 – Redefining Healthcare IT

eClinicalWorks EMR v11.50 comes equipped with a lot of new improvements in terms of design, functionality, and security. Here’s a recap of what we’ve talked about so far in the new v11.50:

  • Redefined User Experience
  • Unparalleled Patient Security
  • Improved Patient Records
  • Pre-Coded Allergens

If you want to know more about all of the features in the new eCW v11.50, you can also check out eCW’s 90-minute webinar. If you’d like a more personalized consultation, you can also contact Software Finder on how you can improve your healthcare IT in.