Features in Project Management Tool you Need to Know About

Dec 01, 2021

Clickup software is a cloud based software which helps teams manage projects and collaborate with one another. The software has a number of features which make it a wonderful tool for managing projects even if it is remotely. The software was founded by Zeb Evans. The company has since its inception become incredibly popular. In fact, the software recently raised over $400 million in series C funding which shows promise in the business. The software has now been around for a while and has a lot of users.

The ClickUp Project Management software was founded in 2016, it has since then released several versions which have been more popular than the last one. In this piece, we will be telling you about several features in Clickup which makes it a wonderful software for a lot of businesses. Keep reading if you would like to know more about this software!

Features in ClickUp

AHA project management software is a cloud-based load mapping and project management solution. This software enables companies of all sizes to efficiently manage their portfolio of products, projects, and/or services from concept to implementation.

This comprehensive software enables SMBs and large enterprises to create actionable business strategies and visual roadmaps for their organizations. AHA is a reliable platform for project management and roadmaps.

Add Comments to Posts

The software has a number of features which make it such a popular option. The comments feature in ClickUp Software makes it very well liked because it allows users to be able to easily write comments on work which is added. The comments option lets managers, coworkers and other people working on the project to give any feedback. The comments section really helps in making work more cooperative since coworkers and project mates can leave comments. This allows for discussion about the project or task at hand which helps finetune the work even better.

Reporting and Analytics

Another great feature in Clickup software that we encourage you to check out when you ask for a Clickup demo is the reporting and analytics feature. This feature helps you to track your progress and then some. The feature analyses how fast work is going, looks at pace, tasks done and more to give you a report on what your progress looks like. As a manager this feature is incredibly helpful since it helps you to know what the progress is and when the project or task will realistically be completed. Hence, the reporting feature gives you a very realistic timeline instead of something which might have been ambitious and not achievable.


The next feature in Clickup project management for small businesses we want to tell you about is the templates feature. This feature helps you to already have pre-made project templates which you can pull up and populate. This feature helps you save a lot of time since the template already exists and you are able to easily populate it with relevant data rather than having to make a template from scratch or not even know where to begin. This feature really helps teams and project mates to coordinate with each other since everyone has access to the project template and can go over it and even make more additions if you need to.

Prioritize Your Tasks

Another great feature in Clickup is that it allows you to make things simpler for you and your team. The prioritize task feature helps you and your team to rank tasks in order of importance and be able to do them in that order. Prioritizing this feature really helps you to make sure that the project in its entirety is not only done on time but time sensitive tasks or important ones are done before the others.

Alerts and Notifications

The alerts and notifications feature in Clickup software really help you keep on track about everything. The software sends alerts to you about deadlines so that you know when you need to complete a task. The software also lets you know about progress; when someone completes a task you are alerted about it. The software also alerts you when a project mate leaves a comment so that you are able to reply. This feature really helps you keep on top of everything and allows you to complete projects on time.

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ClickUp Cost

Now that we have told you about so many features in Clickup software, you are probably wondering what Clickup cost is. The software is pretty cheap when you think about it. The software costs $5 a month per user which is very affordable when it comes to project management software. A lot of small businesses and start ups are easily able to afford the software because of its affordable pricing.

Is ClickUp Right for you

Now that we have told you about Clickup views, you are probably wondering whether this is the right software for you. We suggest that you make a list of features you would want in a project management software and then compare that to the list of features in this software so that you know that you are making the right choice.

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We also suggest opting for a Clickup demo or trial before you purchase the software. A trial will help you figure out whether the software is right for you. All in all, we are sure you will make the right choice for you and your business!