Sloboda Studio is an organization that gives custom web advancement administrations. They help the new European businesses and organizations' development to execute their thoughts in programming code. The region of their ability lies in building up the Marketplaces, Fintech, and Adtech stages. They additionally apply Data Science in their ventures. 

Their group comprises of more than 60 experts - Backend and Frontend designers, QA-specialists and venture administrators. They center around Ruby on Rails and convey quick and beneficial applications with the essential usefulness. 

Established in 2010, they have finished 92 tasks. Currently, their significant customers are the organizations headquartered in Scandinavian and DACH nations. They work with them by the out-staffing models with devoted groups of designers. 

They are experts in Ruby on Rails, RoR consulting, deployment, and support using Ruby, technology migration, AngularJS, React, JavaScript, Vue.js 

Sloboda Studio

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