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Buyers Guide

Last updated: December 04, 2023

Custom Software Development–2023 Buyer’s Guide

Are you looking for software applications designed specifically for your small business? You may be wondering exactly what custom software development offers or what to remember when contracting a custom software developer.

What if you could use software that’s been built to suit your company’s personal requirements? There are various custom software development companies waiting to help you. Our buyer’s guide has been formulated to assist you with understanding all the important features of custom software development.

We’ll highlight some benefits of custom software development and cover services, costs & methods to consider. By the time you reach the bottom of this page you’ll be well informed to pick a software development company that can best assist your small business.

What Do Custom Software Development Companies Do?

Custom software development companies create exclusive technology solutions. They meet with businesses to evaluate their needs and then formulate a work plan to know how to achieve this based on time and costs. Sometimes you’ll commission a company that bids for your particular project based on their price and service level.

Personalized software involves comprehensive strategies designed by software developers that can better pinpoint areas and users’ needs. They are generally more costly than generic alternatives and are made solely for the customer.

What’s the Difference Between Custom Software and Traditional Software?

Simply put, traditional ‘off the shelf’ software caters to the mass public—a more varied scope of users with comparable needs.

The difference with custom software is it caters to a particular group’s requirements. Custom software isn’t made to be resold. It’s tailor-made for one company or individual. Because it would only be used by this one business, the way it’s built will reflect the branding and functions deemed essential by the company commissioning it.

The Benefits of Custom Software Development

It’s helpful to know the benefits custom software development can bring to your company.

- Improves efficiency: While designing custom software development for your company comes at a cost, it could be a sensible decision and investment especially if helps make business run smoother & operate independently.

- Exclusive features: If an application’s been created with an exact purpose or to meet a particular need, it can assist with generating more business or increasing productivity amongst colleagues in a specific company. Custom software’s favorable in this regard.

The Drawbacks of Custom Software Development

It’s equally beneficial to be aware of the drawbacks of custom software development so you have a balanced perspective.

- More expensive: Custom software is pricier than traditional software because of the resources involved in designing something that’s tailor-made.

- More revisions: You need to understand exactly what you want and need in order to get the best custom software to meet your requirements. The risk you take is not being sure of these requirements before the process begins. This could cost you even more as you make modifications when further needs arise along the way. It could be a long and pricey road until you’re satisfied with the final product.

How Much Does Custom Software Development Cost?

The average cost of traditional ‘out of the box’ software is less than $100. Depending on which product you pick, you could spend between a handful of dollars to a few thousand dollars on traditional software.

On the other hand, custom software development can cost $40,000 to $50,000. You could even pay as much as $250,000 to create an application. Software developers generally charge per hour, and this rate varies from smaller freelance software developers to larger software developing companies.

Factors such as incorporation with other systems, innovative strategy, intricacy, software scope, and relocation of current data are all aspects to consider when determining the cost of developing custom made software.

Studies predicted that global spending on IT software for business applications would total nearly 209 billion US dollars by 2019. Can you imagine how much this will change in the next decade?

How to Pick a Custom Software Development Company

Here are three tips on what to remember while shortlisting a custom software development company:

1. Know your own business’s expectations and needs before you search for assistance.

2. Instead of going for the most affordable company, find the one that’ll understand and deliver on your personal requirements.

3. You might not have to look far—consider your own in house IT staff first. If they lack the time or training to dedicate to the task, contract an external specific software developer who has the experience or a company that focuses on designing software for your field.

How to Work with Your Chosen Custom Software Development Company

Once you’ve selected the software developers, make sure the job’s well done by implementing the following three steps:

1. Set a plan with timed goals. Know where you’re heading so your project keeps momentum. Let time and budget determine what you’d like to accomplish by a certain date.

2. Test it out. It’s important to make sure your software works. First, let the software developers try it out so that the initial components operate smoothly. Then, let some of your staff use it and report back to the software developers. Any final changes can then be made before the software’s officially implemented.

3. Record everything. Have a written project plan with allocated tasks, a checklist, as well as details on the testing and training. Make sure all your original goals for designing this software have been met.


By having the correct tools, your small business can flourish. If you’ve got custom software development on your side you can solve numerous problems your company could encounter and you’ll grow from strength to strength.