TechMagic is a product advancement company from Lviv, Ukraine, with a limited innovation center that helps new companies and built up ventures to fabricate remote dedicated teams. TechMagic was established in 2014, and now they have more than 120 workers. 

Their mechanical ability incorporates JavaScript, Node.js, Angular, ReactJS, ExpressJS, Typescript, Salesforce, Serverless, Native iOS, and Android. They consider turning out to be specialists in the selected innovative spaces; that is the reason they set up associations with worldwide organizations to reinforce their ability and information. 

In 2017, they became a Certified AWS Consulting Partner. In 2018, they became an Official Salesforce Consulting Partner and Official Serverless Framework Partner. Their Salesforce engineers are certified App Builders, Platform Developers I, and Platform Developers II. 

They are experts in Web Development, Front-end Development, Back-end Development, Salesforce Development, Cloud Computing, Serverless Computing, Native iOS Development, Native Android Development, and UI/UX. 


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