Bannersnack is a cloud-based banner creation solution that offers multiple features for making customized banners compatible with Google Adwords and Facebook Ads. It caters to midsize to large organizations and enables them to create, manage and implement banner advertising campaigns across various online platforms. Bannersnack allows users to download banners using the Flash/HTML5 embed codes or in GIF, JPG, PNG or flash file formats.

The platform allows users to design customized banners using their own images or other professional images and publish them across all major networks. The software also provides free stock images and templates for designing customized banners which can further be assisted by their custom design banner service for the professional touch. Bannersnack features an analytics tool so the users can gather statistics and demographic data and assist them to structure their campaigns based on reliable information.

Pricing: Bannersnack offers two different pricing plans. Individual plans (ranging from $0 to $42/month) and Team plans (ranging from $72 to $192+/month).

USP: It offers a Banner Rotator feature that acts as a container, it is used to show multiple types of content including HTML, images or banners. The content is shown in the same space on a web page without utilizing multiple files.

Support: It offers support via email, phone, and live chat.

Product Advantages: Bannersnack makes it easier creating banners for our AdWords advertising, Facebook posts. Free stock images and templates help users professionally create customized banners.

Product Limitations: The process of creating images using Bannersnack’s generator exhibits a few bugs, occasionally.


Bannersnack reviews

Overall Rating

2 Reviews


Kim L

Creative Director

51-200 employees

August 2020

Good experience

I can easily produce banners and easily edit them. The learning curve is quick and the software is super intuitive.

GIFs and PNG banners are not of great quality.

J. Ryan C

Business Intelligence Analyst

11-50 employees

July 2020

So happy with this software

I can easily create an ad with animations with the help of Bannersnack which is my favorite thing about this software. Intuitive and smart software. Worth investing in.

Sharing data with other people is slightly difficult and takes a lot of time.

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