eResource Scheduler is an influential and user-friendly software for resource scheduling and management through which businesses and organizations can implement feasible schedules for their personnel and resources in orer to coordinate efficiently between different departments and teams and to maximize their use. The user-friendly solution can be used by any type of organization. With eResource Scheduler, users can schedule different types of resources like manpower, equipment, facilities in an easy and speedy way.

The platform allows the users to assign resources to their staff, so they can complete the required tasks to deliver the project on time in order to maintain high responsiveness to a client’s requirements keeping all the practices according to the industry’s standards.

Benefits: eResource Scheduler comes in two different versions. The first one is a cloud version and the other one is an on-premises version.

USP: eResource Schedular can be used to schedule both employees and machinery. Other software don’t offer such versatility.

Limitations: Like all other scheduling software, eResource Scheduler is nor compatible with mobile platforms. Employees can’t check the schedule table without manager. It also doesn’t allow the employees to submit their leaves or swap their shifts with other employees.

Pricing: eResource Scheduler comes at different prices for different sizes of organizations. For 25 Resources, it comes for 75$ per year, for 50 Resources it comes at 135$ per year and for 75 and 100 resources, it comes at185$ and 225$ respectively.

Support: eResource Scheduler offers support through website, phone and email.

eResource Scheduler

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