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ABW…A Better Way is a full-featured, modular manufacturing, distribution, and supply chain application. ABW offers extensive capabilities to satisfy the entire requirements of the enterprise. ABW can run locally on your hardware or in the cloud.

ABW is simple and economical enough to be easily implemented by a small manufacturer with no prior manufacturing software exposure. Yet, it is sophisticated enough to accommodate the needs of almost any size manufacturer.

The philosophy at Info-Power International, the developers of ABW, is that they should provide a system that will allow you to run your business as your business dictates; not change your business to run our application. Starting with the existing full-featured system, they will work with you to customize ABW, so it functions how you need it to.

With ABW…A Better Way there are no licensing fees and no recurring annual fees! You can reinvest that money into your business system. You will only pay for the services that you require from them, typical services are consulting, project management, data conversion, training, and program modifications.

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