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Are you looking for the best EMR software for your practice? Then you’ve come to the right place. Finding the right EMR/EHR software for your healthcare practice is often a difficult task. You’d have to put a lot of research and effort into making sure your needs are satisfied. Although most of the EMR companies’ services are similar, some vendors provide unique services that help streamline your operations. This article discusses two of the top-tier EMR software, their similarities, and differences; athenahealth EMR vs. AdvancedMD EMR. 

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One of the industry’s leading EMR software, athenahealth EMR, offers a wide range of services that provide an all-in-one solution to all your needs. Their services are divided into five different modules based on their functionality.

athenaClinicals: An EMR/EHR module that helps streamline clinical workflows and enables faster charting, among other features.

athenaCommunicator: You can now conduct conference calls and meetings with other practitioners and patients for consultation with athenaCommunicator.

athenaCollector: In addition to managing your administrative tasks, athenaCollectors is a practice management module that helps simplify, streamlines, and automate workflows and operations.

athenaClarity: athenaClarity handles all of your financial and operational management health.

athenaCoordinator: With athenaCoordinator, you can simplify coordination with your patients, staff members, and other physicians.

It helps healthcare providers remove the burden of tiresome administrative tasks like documentation with its full-fledged electronic medical records (EMR). You can also take advantage of their centralized cloud-based database to streamline and simplify documentation with ease. 

athenahealth EMR Software (athenaClinicals)

Rather than manually maintaining multiple patient files in your cabinet, you can create patient profiles on their EMR database and update information any time you want. With its cloud storage, you can store patient information without worrying about safety concerns or patient confidentiality. You can also choose whom to grant access to patient information, even in your practice.

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Here are some of the pros and cons of athenahealth EMR.


  • athenahealth EMR is labeled as a “disruptor” within the industry because of its revolutionary services.
  • Highly engaging patient portal
  • Numerous 3rd party apps can be integrated with athenahealth EMR for a better experience.


  • There are issues with athenahealth’s billing solution in terms of its robustness.
  • It may become expensive for most small to medium-scale practices.

Other benefits and features of having athenahealth EMR include back-up support for your practice, a patient portal, appointment management, and e-prescribing.

Pricing: athenahealth EHR’s license starts at $140 per month per provider, below the average industry price. Their full suite of services, however, can cost anywhere between $400-$700. 

Software Finder Rating: 4/5 based on athenahealth reviews.

AdvancedMD EMR is a cloud-based service provider that focuses on fulfilling physicians’ needs through state-of-the-art healthcare IT technologies. Their services include full-fledged EMR/EHR software, practice management, revenue cycle management, managed billing, patient experience, and telehealth services.

Rather than thinking of itself as a software provider, AdvancedMD considers itself a part of your team, where your success means their success. That’s why they position their services for long-term benefit for your practice. How do they accomplish that? For instance, their offer services like scheduling, iPad patient check-in kiosk, and more increase patient satisfaction.

AdvancedMD EMR Software

Similarly, AdvancedMD EMR/EHR also provides services like automated appointment reminders, medical billing, patient scheduling, e-prescriptions, charting, etc. Sure, you might feel that AdvancedMD’s prices are a bit high; their services make the costs worthwhile.

Here’s a list of pros and cons for AdvancedMD EHR:


  • Provides an extensive list of services and features that you can choose from.
  • They also provide practitioners with a client referral bonus, which they can earn by referring to other practitioners.
  • Offers a highly interactive, user-friendly, and minimalistic user interface. 


  • Can become expensive for small-scale practices.
  • Training materials and in-person training are costly.
  • They don’t offer some specialty-specific features. 

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Pricing: AdvancedMD EHR’s license starts at $429 per month per provider. Simultaneously, their integrated suite of EHR and practice management costs $729 per month per provider.

Software Finder Rating: 4/5 based on AdvancedMD reviews

Now that we have discussed the advantages and disadvantages of the two EMR/EHR software, athenahealth EMR, and AdvancedMD EMR, it’s time to decide which one is better. However, that question is not as easy as it sounds.

Claiming that one EMR software holds precedence over the other would be inaccurate. Why? Both EMR software have their strengths and provide unique value to their users. For instance, athenahealth EHR focuses on enabling practitioners to provide accessible, sustainable, and quality healthcare services for everyone. On the other hand, AdvancedMD EHR focuses on catering to physicians’ unique needs and automating those tiresome routine tasks.

In terms of their values, AdvancedMD EMR aims to provide a complete suite of services to simplify and streamline your administrative and medical workflows. However, this comes at a relatively expensive cost, particularly for small scale offices. On the contrary, athenahealth EMR focuses on enabling practitioners to provide quality healthcare without having to worry about any non-clinical workflows.

Conclusion - Which is the Right Choice for Your Practice?

So, which one should you choose, athenahealth EMR or AdvancedMD EMR? Needless to say that the ultimate decision depends upon your practice’s needs, size, complexity, and budget. However, with Athenahealth EMR, you can focus more on your patients without having to worry about administrative tasks. Similarly, AdvancedMD EMR enables you to enjoy all of the services that you might need in your practice.

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