What is CodeScreen? 

CodeScreen is a technical assessment platform.

Which problem does CodeScreen solve? 

During the hiring process, it is usually quite challenging & time-consuming to assess a candidate’s technical skill level based on their CV, their educational background, or a 30-minute interview.

How does CodeScreen solve this problem?

CodeScreen screens candidates with realistic and asynchronous coding assessments that are automatically graded, resulting in quickly identifying the best developers.

What main values does CodeScreen’s solution provide to the customer?

Save time for all recruiters & developers that are normally more involved in assessing candidates.

Receive a more accurate insight into the candidate's future performance in their job.

Who are the customers of CodeScreen?

CodeScreen is helpful for any company that hires software developers. CodeScreen is particularly helpful for companies that:

Hire many software developers.

Hire for fully-remote jobs.

Receive many applications for their jobs.

Already use take-home tests.

USPs that make CodeScreen unique compared to competitors

Real-World Assessment

Assessments take between 1.5 - 2 hours to complete.

Assessments are mini projects replicating a problem that they usually face in the day-to-day job.

Real-World Environment

GitHub workflow allows candidates to take assessment in an environment they are most comfortable and familiar with.

Powerful code editor (IntelliJ, Visual Studio Code, etc) allows companies to use more complex real-world problems in their assessments.

Custom Assessments

Easily import & update existing take-home tests

Create assessments that test for company/domain specific skills (e.g. FinTech, Web3, etc.)

Live Coding with Context

Unique combination of the scale of take-home tests with the personal interaction of live coding interviews.

Increase the accuracy of live interviews by allowing candidates to first solve the assessment in their own time & comfort and then discuss their solution in the interview.


Library Assessments

CodeScreen provides a library of over 100 assessments across +30 languages & frameworks, skills, and experience levels.

Custom Assessments

CodeScreen provides the option of customizing assessments in 30+ languages & frameworks, allowing companies to continue using their existing take-home tests while using the CodeScreen workflow.

Automated Grading

CodeScreen's multi-dimensional automated grading removes the manual analysis of the candidate's solution while providing a detailed report of how each candidate performed.

Candidate Report

CodeScreen provides a candidate analysis report that shows various metrics on the candidate’s performance, allowing one to understand the candidate’s solution in detail. This report can be accessed via the ATS.

Live Coding with Context

CodeScreen’s automated and asynchronous workflow screens candidates upfront, allowing companies to have Live Coding Interviews in CodeScreen only with the most promising candidates.

Cheating Prevention

CodeScreen’s multidimensional toolkit detects and mitigates cheating by candidates, allowing companies to trust the legitimacy of each candidate’s solution.

Analytics & Reporting

CodeScreen’s Analytics provides an overview of the customer’s account's usage with visual charts, allowing them to easily track and understand the key metrics in their screening process.


CodeScreen’s white-labeling feature allows companies to keep their technical interviews consistent with their brand.

Anonymous Mode

CodeScreen’s Anonymous Mode removes unconscious bias and allows companies to screen candidates based on merit, not assumptions.

Candidate Overview

CodeScreen provides an overview of which candidates have passed or failed their assessments and tracks their last activities (e.g., opened Email, started assessment, etc.).

CodeScreen reviews

Overall Rating

3 Reviews


Seamless Automation

March 2023


Scala and JavaScript Department Lead of Evolution

We had a hand-crafted semi-automated git-based candidate grading process and evaluated various solutions to automate it. Only CodeScreen could carry it over seamlessly without process changes.
The onboarding process felt a little wobbly.

Increased Accuracy with Exceptional Results

March 2023



CodeScreens assessments provide us with a great understanding of the developers technical skills and abilities to perform on real projects. The results have been extremely accurate and have helped us to select exceptional candidates to be part of SPACE44.
Only think I think is missing is the ability to scribble on a shared screen.

Development is Easy with Codescreen.

March 2023


Expert Community Development Lead of Codeable

At Codeable, we understand the importance of nailing WordPress development--its essential for our success! That’s why it was so important to find a partner who could help us make hiring developers easier. Cue CodeScreen and its fantastic features like anonymous reviews that keep us ahead in the game. And with ATS integration giving candidates an all-encompassing journey from start to finish? It certainly beats anything else out there - worth its weight in gold!
Could do with more features to manage folders.