Digica is an outsource AI and software development services provider. They use intelligent AI-powered software to make a positive change in the world.

By combining their AI knowledge with their teams’ experience in developing smart intelligent software solutions for Cloud, IoT, and Embedded, their AI-powered software addresses important health, security, and safety challenges across the globe.

They build solutions in the Cloud, IoT, and embedded systems for a range of industries, including automotive, defense, eCommerce, finance, life science, security, and transportation, for major international companies and innovative start-ups alike. Expertise includes areas such as:

Computer Vision:

- Object Classification

- Object Detection

- Image Style Transfer

- Image Reconstruction

- Image Super-Resolution

Machine Learning:

- Preventative Maintenance

- Fraud Detection

- User Behaviour Modelling

- Entities Modelling

- Machine Learning for Radars

Digica is used to working with limited and imperfect data and has developed techniques for creating realistic synthetic data.

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