Droids on Roids

Founded in 2011, Droids on Roids is an android, iOS, and web app development company based in Poland. The company promises to provide the first app demo within seven days of project initiation with the help of a 100% office-based team of 45+ talented professionals serving clients throughout the world, mostly in the US and UK.

The company's clients include global brands and high startups like Giphy, while its open-source libraries are used by likes of Facebook, WhatsApp, and Bitrise. The majority of Droids on Roids' projects belong to six categories; mobile commerce, Fintech, internet of things (IoT), lifestyle, health and fitness, and digital transformation.

The company's specialized stack includes Android, iOS, UI/UX, Swift, Internet of Things, Flutter, React Native, Ruby on Rails, Backend, API, Kotlin, Java, Dart, Objective-C, C (NDK), JavaScript / node.js.

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