PC Team designs quality, custom, and affordable websites and provide all the things necessary – hosting, security, SSL, ADA compliance, and any updates as needed or requested. They get businesses online with an amazing presence. PC Team’s custom websites are made in the USA. Starting at only $199 a month, with no other fees, they make it easy for small businesses to compete. PC Team manages everything so businesses can focus on what they do.

PC Team’s goal is to create an effective design that will enable your business to gain more exposure for your products, services and ultimately generate new customers. They can help you and your business create and grow an amazing web presence customized to your company.

Website design is not just throwing some text and images into a template. Every step of the way, PC Team customizes the site to fit the client. No business is the same as any other. They capture those nuances to help you stand out from the crowd.

Each project starts with an in-depth meeting with you. PC Team digs deep to get what you like, what you don’t like, any ideas you have, and your company vision or style. They are not in the business of creating cookie cutters. Each website is carefully designed to fit each customer and promote their individual qualities.

Establish a modern and accessible website that complies with ADA and WCAG standards guidelines. Maintain content for accuracy in accordance to requirements such as staff photos & bios

Implement web hosting services along with optimized WordPress installation on your domain name server (DNS).

PC Team’s back-end development experts analyze your data requirements and provide you with a proper break-out plan divided into several different phases for the project. The process that they follow is incredibly robust.

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