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They make partners, not clients. They are a team of 80+ tech rockstars. They believe in truly understanding the need, the problem and providing the best custom solution accordingly. What do they do: Discovery | Design | Development | Maintenance Discovery: Brand Discovery: Defining ambition, aspiration, personality, and values. Brand Strategy: Defining the brand's purpose. Roadmapping: Competitive Analysis, Product Roadmapping, and Strategic Growth Planning. Brand Identity: Crafting concepts, and brand’s look & feel. Outcome: Product & Market Overview | User Personas Overview| Tech Stack Overview | Product Specifications | Time & Cost Estimate Design: User Experience (UX) Design User Interface (UI) Design Technical Architecture Rapid Prototyping User Testing Finalizing designs Outcomes: Visual Designs Development: WEB | MOBILE | SAAS | LMS | ERP | CRM | E-COMMERCE | SHOPIFY How they do it: Living Agile | Driving Innovation | Creating excellence They run every stage in iterative feedback loops to ensure that they’re aligned on the vision at every step. Techies at the core: HTML/CSS: jQuery, Bootstrap 3,4,5, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illuslator, Adobe XD, Shopify Theme Styling, HTML5/ CSS3 / Tailwind CSS, Flexbox , Grid, Semantic UI, Material Design, Core UI, Foundation. Javascript : Typescript, ReactJS, NodeJS, NextJS, NestJS, VueJS, NuxtJS. Shopify | ROR: React.js, Shopify Theming, Shopify Embedded apps, JS, Angular8. Python: Python (Django, Flask, Scrapy) | Deep Learning, ML, Data Analytics Mobile apps: Android (Kotlin / Java), iOS Native (Swift) | MVC, MVVM, MVI, MVP, Clean Architecture, Dependency Injection, Google maps, Android sensors, Firebase, Jetpack, Androidx, Rest APIs, Google Services, GIT Why Phaedra Solutions: Their work and feedback speak for themselves. Dedicatedly focused on execution and brilliance. They hire the top and the best only.

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