Southport Technology Group

Southport Technology Group provides custom product & software development tailored to the needs of small to medium businesses. We have a proven track record working with decision-makers across industries. We work on a fixed-price basis. This insulates our customers from the cost consequences of endless timelines, communication breakdowns, and scope creep. We take on the risk. This alignment is all the assurance we need in order to deliver and keep things moving forward.

Our customers are in the business of insurance, plaintiff law, industrial M&A, environmental services, renewable energy, asset management, along with others. For each customer, annual spend on technology does not exceed the cost of running their own software teams. Southport Technology Group is the software team.

Our engagements start with a no-cost qualification effort. We aim to understand your business and where we can provide a unique benefit. We will not try to convince you to rebuild solutions you can purchase off the shelf. We want to get to the root of your business and provide solutions that cement your specific advantage in the market. Our operations automation should be benchmarked against standards set by your operations team. Your manual processes will disappear. The workers behind them will move on to better things. Your cost of operations will look better, and there will be a blue sky for new improvements to implement.

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