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Xloop is a digital engineering company that helps technology leaders deliver mission critical projects with Silicon Valley engineers in cloud native, full stack engineering & data sciences. Xloop enables you to hire pre-vetted remote developers based on technology stack that includes Cloud Native Software Development including Full-stack Developers, Front-end, Back-end Developers, and Data analysts, Data engineers, Data scientists and more.

After graduating from training, their employees are deployed to work for clients looking to fulfill requirements under project-based scenarios worldwide as well as for staff augmentation. Xloop focuses on deep technical skills and certifications, soft skills and general business acumen as well as physical and mental wellness.

Cloud Native software developers have been trained in best practices related to full stack development that is deployed to AWS infrastructure using an agile methodology based on Kanban and extreme programming techniques. They are well positioned to work as Full stack developer, cloud native developer, in technologies including Java, JavaScript, ReactJS, Spring Boot, Kafka, RabbitMQ, REST, microservice, component based front end, AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, agile, Kanban and extreme programming.

Data Engineering developers have been trained in best practices relating to data engineering, specifically the implementation and commercialization of machine learning model prototypes that have been created in Jupyter Notebooks using Python. They are capable of converting these prototypes into resilient, scalable microservices and then deploying them to AWS infrastructure. They have been exposed to agile methodology and understand iterative as well as test first development. Our data engineer’s technology stack includes python, flask, SQL, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, microservice, Jupyter Notebook, machine learning, data pipelines, ETL and agile.

Based on client requirements, they can rapidly customize a software development team consisting of multiple talents ranging in experience and expertise to optimize costs and save time. A typical team may consist of fractional project manager, a few senior software developers, and a number of mid to junior developers.

Xloop’s competitive advantages include exceptionally affordable rates for candidates being trained by US based leaders, partnerships with the top institutions such as Emeritus, a strong focus on wellness and a large number of developers on the bench ready to be deployed on projects. There is a special emphasis is on gender equality as we have a large percentage of female developers as part of their team.

Xloop emphasizes confidentiality with every client, thus NDAs are signed to make sure security and IP is protected while the engineers work on optimizing projected timelines. All projects are managed by an experienced team based in Silicon Valley.

Companies that work with Xloop scale fast and respond to market faster while exceeding their customer expectations in all realities. They ensure technology leaders can scale fast as their companies respond to market and deliver mission critical projects with certainty. Their mission is to provide well qualified, highly trained, and certified talent pool of software developers to companies like yours.

After they assess your project, they will assemble a team from their onboard engineering developers and arrange for you to meet and thoroughly interview the team. After the project begins, you'll still have two weeks to pull the plug and pay nothing. They are confident that they can not only help you through a developmental crunch but expect their team to offer design solutions at the very cutting edge of current technology.

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