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What Is Meritto?


A de facto choice for educational organizations looking to grow their enrollments, they at Meritto (Formerly NoPaperForms) make Sales, Marketing, Admission, Finance, and Operation teams more productive with their powerful yet easy-to-use solutions. While each of their purpose-built products whether Enrollment Cloud, Education CRM, Application Platform, Education Chatbot, or Payment Cloud is powerful on its own, the real impact is when you enroll as one.

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Meritto Features

With insights gained from serving over a thousand educational organizations, they develop products that cater to deep use cases. Whatever the challenge is, it’s likely they already have a solution for it. After all, managing 100 million student inquiries a year adds to our experience.

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Their products are designed to equip you for tomorrow and enable you to scale. Whether it’s vast amounts of student data or multiple business complexities, they can solve for all.

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They are passionate about their partners and they believe they succeed when you do. It’s why they get you up and running in a breeze.

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They have built a vibrant community of professionals from the education industry where you can interact, network, and enhance your skills. From offline events to webinars, they host them all.

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