DOX Podiatry EMR Software

DOX Podiatry EHR Software is a cloud-based solution designed to cater to the needs of podiatry practices of all sizes. It offers a full suite of modules that allows practices to improve productivity and the quality of patient care. The software integrates with existing operations and policies to help users streamline administrative workflows and manage physician-patient interactions. Using the DOX Podiatry EHR Software graphical user interface, healthcare professionals can diagnose each patient by capturing real-time data. This eliminates the need for dictation, handwritten notes, and other methods of completing patient records.

The real-time data capture even extends to billing. It pulls CPT and IDC billing codes directly from the patient record into the EMR system. As per DOX Podiatry EHR Software Reviews, this Health IT system is user-friendly and can be accessed by users within a few days of training. It is built into a robust EMR system that helps physicians speed up and automate patient charting. In addition to that, some DOX modules come with a patient portal, office & scheduling, and medical billing & collections. The platform also offers an additional interface with its HL7 support and supports integration with billing solutions like CoveMD. Users can also request a DOX Podiatry EHR Software Demo to get an overview of the system without purchasing it.

DOX Podiatry EHR Software Pricing

The pricing plan for the software starts at $500.00 per month.

Software Support

It offers online and business hours support.


The software is easy to use and helps users meet all the measures and standards to obtain Government incentives. It comes complete with multiple flexible DOX Podiatry EHR Software Features that support Podiatry practices.


The system is now outdated and offers poor customer support.

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